Introduction to Management Spring, Course Code 44453 Chapter 9 Quiz

Introduction to Management Spring, Course Code 44453 Chapter 9 Quiz

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The primary intent of affirmative action is to:

correct historical discriminations against minorities.

reduce whistleblowing activities.

encourage egocentrism.

promote the glass ceiling.

promote groupthink.


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Which of the following is an example of quid pro quo harassment?

A supervisor belonging to the minority group encounters a glass ceiling.

A supervisor practices ethnocentrism.

A supervisor refuses to go out on a date with a subordinate.

A supervisor denies a raise to a subordinate for refusing to go out on a date.

A supervisor appoints physically disabled persons.


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Companies with a reputation for providing opportunities for diverse employees are most likely to:

take greater time in responding to environmental changes.

have a disadvantage in the labor market.

have a homogenous work force.

facilitate groupthink among its employees.

enhance organizational flexibility.


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Which of the following is an advantage of managing a diverse workforce?

Increased cohesiveness

Restrictive policies and procedures

Greater chances of groupthink

Ability to efficiently reap the benefits of the glass ceiling effect

Better perspective on a differentiated market


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Which of the following is a defining characteristic of monolithic organizations?

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High levels of conflict

Absence of discrimination

Informal integration


Synergistic environments


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Which of the following is a characteristic of pluralistic organizations?

Full integration of minority group members

Acceptance of minority group members into the informal network

Absence of affirmative action

Presence of minorities at all levels

High prevalence of discrimination and prejudice


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Multicultural organizations differ from pluralistic ones in that:

it addresses cultural aspects of integrity.

there is a diverse employee population.

there is prevalent use of an affirmative action approach.

minority groups accept the norms of the majority.

there are higher levels of intergroup conflict.


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In diversity training, skill building differs from awareness building in that:

rev: 01_23_2014_QC_43450

awareness building typically focuses on active listening, coaching, and giving feedback.

skill building offers tools needed to act on actual problems.

skill building is typically perceived as less useful.

awareness building is tied to specific issues identified by managers.

skill building focuses on teaching unwritten "rules" or cultural values of an organization.


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_____ are foreign nationals transferred to work at the parent company.



Virtual expatriates

Host-country nationals

Home-country nationals


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In Hofstede's chart showing individualism/collectivism and power distance, the United States is similar to:






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