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In the early 1900s, hundreds of European immigrants arrived at Ellis Island in New York harbor each day to be processed for permission to enter the United States. A so-called melting pot of cultures came together starting in that place by standing in line, with a desire to seize the opportunities of a new country. They have been followed by millions of other immigrants coming to America.

Resources:Racial and Ethnic RelationsandRacial and Ethnic Groups

Researchtwo immigrant groups that have become assimilated to one degree or another into American society.

Writea 1,050 word paper, addressing the following:


  • Explain why each group chose to migrate to the United States.
  • Identify the geographical areas where each group settled.
  • Describe the influence other racial or ethnic groups had on each group once they migrated.
  • Describe the influence each group had on other racial or ethnic groups it came in contact with.
  • Explain how the power-conflict theory applies to these ethnic groups.
  • Explain how the concept of multiculturalism might be applied to these two groups.
  • Provide examples of how these groups’ customs, beliefs, and values have—or have not—become incorporated into American society.

Citeat least two sources in addition to your texts.

Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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European immigrants to America and their impact

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Tutorial Preview …of xxxxxxxxxx had xxxxxx through this xxxxx and had xxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxx the xxx of America xx to the xxxxx side xx xx Most xx the immigrants xxxx came belonged xx East…
European_immigrants_to_America_and_their_impact.docx (34.47 KB)
Preview: was xxx remote xxxxx of these xxxxxx where they xxxxxxx Over xxxxx xxxx their xxxxxx the population xxx now be xxxx spread xxxxxx xx (Humbert, xx d ))Impact xx other immigrant xxxxxx In xxxxxxxxxxx xx is xxxxx the population xxxx it comes xx impact xx xxx time xxxx the two xxxxxxxxx groups had xxxxxxx to xxx xxxx had xxxxx discrimination and xx was after xxxxxxxxxxx that xxx xxx have xxxx accepted It xxx because of xxx presence xx xxxxx immigrant xxxxxx that Italians xxxxx it tough xx find xxxx xxx it xxx because of xxx presence of xxxx population xx xxx working xxxxx at that xxxx that the xxxxx was xxxxxx xx stay xx intolerable working xxxxxxxxxx On the xxxxx hand, xxxxxxx xx large xxxxxxxxxx and because xxxx were the xxxxx ones xx xxxxx the xxxxxxx had a xxxxxxxxxx easy But xx the xxx xxxxxx settled xxx mixed in xxx American culture, xxxx accepted xxxxxxx xxx cuisine xxxxx had impact xx other settlers xx well xxxxxx xx these xxxxxx on others xxxx as the xxx groups xxx xxxx influenced xx other groups, xxxx also impacted xxxxxx Because xx xxxx the xxxxxx forces at xxxx time was xxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxx that xxxx were living xx were formed xxx that xx xxx there xxx struggle for xxxxxxx work Besides xxxx the xxxx xx cultural xxxxxxxxx that they xxxxxxx in with xxxx lead xx.....
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