BBA3651-Unit III Reflection Paper

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Unit III Reflection Paper

It has been stated that different industries and organizational differences influence which motivational techniques and theories are most effective. It has also been stated that situational factors, such as the type of power exerted, can influence team and organizational effectiveness.

The employment of different types of power might influence a team member’s satisfaction, and thus, his or her motivation to continue. In regards to your current industry and/or the culture of your current organization, write a reflection paper that considers the following:

· Describe leader power, follower motivation, and the aspects of effective followership.

· Provide an overview of influence and the major process and content motivational theories.

· Describe which motivational theory would be the most appropriate at your industry/organization.

· Describe the power types from the French and Raven power taxonomy that would fit best with that motivational theory and indicate the one(s) that would fit best with that motivational theory.

· Are there any power types that should be avoided when employing that motivational theory?

· Please elaborate on how you plan to integrate these motivational techniques in your future or current career and/or continue learn more about these motivational techniques.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below:

· Writing should include proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing mechanics.

· Organization should be logical.

· Your paper should be at least two pages in length.

Information about accessing the Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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