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This assignment requires each student to conduct some research and report back your findings.

Use the NC Court System website (www.nccourts.org) to help in answering the following questions:

1. List and briefly describe the types of courts that are located in Robeson county (including Specialty Courts).

2. Select two counties of your choice, other than Robeson, and list and briefly describe the types of courts in those two NC counties, including Specialty Courts.

3. For the three counties included in #1 and #2, identify the Court Programs offered in each county and provide a 2-3 sentence description of each program.

Chapter 3 discusses several goals of criminal sentencing. Select at least three of these goals to discuss and explore in an essay. Provide examples, advantages, and disadvantages of each of the goals you have chosen.

Write a minimum of 500 words research essay that addresses the above topic/question.

Research must be conducted (this includes the textbook) and cited in your essay. You must include in-text citations, where appropriate, and a reference page.\\\

Police in the CJ Process

Which of the following should be the primary police role: apprehension of criminals, crime prevention, or community service? What information supports your choice?
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