International Business Risk

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word count is 1000 words, refAssume that your business is visible and an important member of the community. Would the government encourage a decision to expand? How would it affect the reputation of the business? Comment on whether the U.S. government would support a business owner's decision to expand internationally or import in light of the balance of payments and how the move internationally may affect the business's reputation as a local small-business owner.
Discuss the risk, importer, exporter, L/M/S and how to overcome it in each of the following: Economic conditions, Fluctuations in industry, Competition, Technological change, Change in preferences, Costs and expenses, Regulations, Expropriation, Interest rates, Government monetary policy, Government fiscal policy, Internal and external wars, Difference in culture and religion, Ownership of factories and property, Human resource restrictions, Intellectual property, Discrimination, Red tape and corruption, Blockage of funds or capital accounts, Change in government.
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  1. International Business Risk

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