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TUX 101-The Trident University Experience

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Module 2 -Case
Study Techniques, Motivation and Goal Setting

As stated in Module 1, we try to make the case assignment a theory based assignment and the SLP the practical application based assignment. Now that you are working on the case assignment I want you to review some theories pertaining to motivation to learn. If you haven’t already done so, please review the “Motivation to Learn” section on the background page of the module.

Now you are ready to begin the case assignment.

Studies show that adults who choose to participate in distance education coursework can be described as highly motivated (Moore and Kearsley, 2005). However, in a 1998 survey performed by the Distance Education and Training Council, it was found that only 57% of adult learners completed distance education courses in which they were enrolled. This contradiction provides a rationale for examining the role of motivation in distance education. Since more and more students are turning toward online learning to meet their educational needs, it is important to focus on motivation in online learning.

Read and review the Powerpoint and readings and complete the sample Compass placement test (Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, and College-level Math sections).">

1. Briefly describe intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in your own words.

2. What are some of the challenges that students in an online learning environment face that are different compared to students at traditional institutions?

3. Based on your review of the Compass practice test. How do you feel about your academic preparation in English and Mathematics?

Assignment Expectations:

A 3 – 4 page paper addressing the three above questions using new times roman 12 pitch font, double spaced and citing at least two different sources.

As with your SLP assignment start with some brainstorming then outline your paper organizing your thoughts.

Your paper should start with an introduction (tell the reader what it is you are going to write about), a body (write about what it is you said you were going to write about), and a conclusion (tell the reader what it is that you wrote about).


For this second SLP assignment I want you to read the information on the background page of the module pertaining to the goal setting. In addition, we will review a well known approach to creating goals, known as the SMART criteria. George Doran first developed the SMART criteria for goal setting in an 1981 issue of Management Review. The characteristics were later described in Attitude is Everything. You can read a brief review of the principles in the following link:

Meyer, Paul (2003). "What would you do if you couldn't fail?"Attitude is Everything. Retrieved Febraruy 29, 2012 from: (attached)

You will now create your own goal setting worksheet using the following:">

Click on the The Five-Step Approach template">here. Cut and paste the worksheet (twice) in a word document. You will create TWO goals. Please set one academic goal for this current session. The second goal should be a long term academic goal.

Assignment Expectations:

Your assignment should be submitted in a 2-3 page word document.

To get started do some brain storming. Take a pencil and paper and just start writing down some things you’d like to include in the paper. Then create a rough outline of your paper organizing these thoughts. Now you are ready to start writing.

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TUX 101-The Trident University Experience

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Tutorial Preview …101-The…
SMART_Goal_Setting.docx (26.97 KB)
Preview: quarterly xxxxx significantly xxxx 2:  List xx ObstaclesSTEP 3:  xxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxx not xxxxxxx enough1 My xxxxx brother is xxxx at xxxxxxx xxxx far xxx hence, double He xxx help me xxxxx up xxxxxxxxx xxx required 2 xxxx less time xxxx in2 I xxxx organize xxx xxxxxx my xxxx so that x can use xxxx use xx xxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx exams to xxxxxxxxxxxx The syllabus xx hugetoo3 x xxxx take x tution to xxxxx and get xxx best xxxxxxxxx xxx motivation xx study4 Will xxxx study groups xxxx friends xxxxx xxxx daily xxx weekly targets5 xxxx of concentration xxxxx studying5 xxx xxxx focus xxx attentionSTEP 4:  xxxxxxx Goal Statement- x will xxxxxxx xx marks xx the coming xxxxxxxxx exams significantly xxx will xxx xxxx 85% xxxx 5:  Polished xxxx Statement-I will xxxxxxx my xxxxx xx the xxxxxx quarterly exams xxxxxxxxxxxxx through focused xxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxx over xxx   In xxxx I start xxxx a xxxx xx improving xx.....
Study_Techniques,_Motivation_and_Goal_Setting.docx (28.03 KB)
Preview: them xx avoid xxxxxxxxxx For example:Students xxxxxxxx because they xxxx good xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx room xx avoid scolding xxxx parentsCompeting in x contest xx xxx scholarship xxxx of these xxxxxxxx portrays a xxxxxxxx which xx xxxxxxxxx by x desire to xxxx a reward xx avoid x xxxxxxxx outcome xxxxxxxxx Motivation Intrinsic xxxxxxxxxx occurs when xxxxxx engage xx xxxxxxxx that xxx personally rewarding xx when person xx participating xx xx activity xxx its own xxxx instead of xxxxxxxxx by xxxx xxxxxxxx reward xxx example:Participating in x sport because xxx like xx xxxxxxxxxxx a xxxx puzzle because xxx find the xxxxxxxxx fun xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxx because you xxxx it exciting xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxx presents xxxx an individual xxxxxxxx is motivated xxxx by xxxxxxxx xxxxxx not xx external rewards xxxxxxxxxx we can xxx that xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx occurs xxxx the outside xx an individual, xxxxx intrinsic xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx from xxxxxx (Kendra Cherry, xx d)) .....
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