arth372 topic and Authentic Assessment/Final Completed Project latest 2015 december

arth372 topic and Authentic Assessment/Final Completed Project latest 2015 december

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Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography submission in Week 2:

Include your name and date in the document. Fully identify ONE artwork you have selected for the Case Project by artist (if known) title, date, location (if known), and culture being represented. First explain why you have selected this topic. Explain what you have already learned about the artwork selected. Lastly, include two scholarly sources that you have located and explain how they will assist you with the paper (annotations). The sources must be cited in correct MLA style.

Final Case Project Submission due on 11/29

Use Times New Roman font (11 or 12 point), double or space and a half, and saved as a word document. A minimum of three images are to be included but more can be used. In-text citations and Works Cited Page in MLA citation style are required (go to online Library for information on MLA citations). The Case Project should be approximately 2,500 words (more is also accepted). Content Headings and a Visual Analysis Chart are required. A total of five scholarly sources are needed. Websites must be appropriate for Academic research and not just random websites. Museum sites are allowed, for example, although you may find Wikipedia helpful, it is not considered a valid scholarly source for this project. See below for the organization of the paper:

Opening paragraph/s that identifies the artwork and provides an overview of what you plan on covering in the Case Project, why you have selected it, and what you hope the reader will learn. Then continue with the following headings and content.

Subject & Symbolism: Fully discuss what is taking place in the artwork: subject, content, and symbolism (if appropriate).

Visual Analysis Chart: Please include a Visual Analysis Chart (see Module Notes) and address the use of line, color, light, composition, texture, and techniques used.

Style: This refers to how the artwork corresponds to the style of the artist and ALSO to the style of the period. If you select the Venus de Milo, then you will be discussing how your artwork selection corresponds to Greek Classical Art. If you select the Snake Goddess, you will discuss how the artwork corresponds to Minoan Art. A minimum of two artworks done from the same time period are to be discussed and compared to your selection. So, for example, if I selected the Venus de Milo as my subject, I can compare the sculpture to the Discus Thrower and Three Goddesses (two sculptures from the Classical Period).

Size & Media: What is the size of the artwork? What materials were used for the artwork? Was the artwork part of a greater project? Does the size and media have any relevance to the time period?

Location & Purpose: Location refers to the ORIGINAL location or intended location of the artwork, NOT the museum it is currently located at. Provide info on the intended purpose of the artwork. If unknown, speculate on its intended function and location.

Patronage: Who commissioned the artwork? Provide info on the patron and their relationship with the artist. If patron is unknown, explain why you think the artist may have done this particular artwork.

Context: What was taking place in history, in culture, and in the artist’s life that is relevant to the artwork? Note: any information brought in must be related to your selected artwork. In other words, do not simply list historical or biographical facts in isolation, but rather, integrate them with a discussion of the artwork.

Concluding paragraph/s that sum up your salient points and what you have learned from the project.

Works Cited Page in MLA style. Images are also to be cited. A minimum of five scholarly sources are required.

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