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allied art100 Module 8 check your understanding

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Subject: Art
Due on: 07/30/2015
Posted On: 06/30/2015 01:11 AM

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Question Points

1. What was the Eiffel Tower meant to symbolize?

a. Universal love

b. Bridge to the future

c. French industrial progress

d. French ties to four continents


2. Whose painting gave Impressionism its name?

a. Manet

b. Monet

c. Morisot

d. Degas


3. For which subject is Degas best known?

a. Ballet scenes

b. Landscape

c. Portraits

d. Mother and child


4. Which artist is best known for expressing anxiety and a fear of death?

a. Vincent van Gogh

b. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

c. Edvard Munch

d. Paul Gauguin


5. What is the title of Grant Wood's American classic of an Iowa farmer and his daughter?

a. American Landscape

b. American Gothic

c. Spring Showers

d. The Joy of Life

6. Which art movement was particularly interested in exploring Freud's ideas about the subconscious?

a. Cubism

b. Fauvism

c. Surrealism

d. De Stijl

7. What are the documents called wherein twentieth-century artists wrote declarations of their artistic principles?

a. Automatic writing

b. Readymades

c. Collage

d. Manifestos


8. Which of the following is characterized by fluid linear arabesques and organic forms?

a. Historicism

b. Impressionism

c. Synthetism

d. Art Nouveau

9. What did the Post-Impressionists NOT change about Impressionism?

a. Bright palette

b. Color patch

c. Subject matter

d. Spontaneous recording of light

10. In architecture, what is the strong consciousness of and attention to the institutions, themes, styles, and forms of the past called?

a. Passage technique

b. Arts and Crafts Movement

c. Art Nouveau

d. Historicism

11. Which art movement combined Fauvist color with analytic cubist form in works dedicated to the modern city and modern technology?

a. Futurism

b. Orphism

c. Suprematism

d. Dada

12. What was the result of Dorothea Lange's photographs?

a. Documentary photography became fine art

b. The federal government began the Farm Securities Administration

c. Farm workers began their first union

d. California built migrant labor camps


13. Which of the following was one of the three principles of the International Style architecture?

a. The conception of architecture as volume rather than mass

b. Symmetry as the chief means of ordering design

c. Applied decoration

d. Load bearing walls of dense material

14. What was the movement of African-American writers, artists, and musicians that explored black experience and identity?

a. Precisionists

b. Harlem Renaissance

c. New Realists

d. Regionalists

15. Which art movement aimed to attack everything old, dull, feminine, and safe and promote the masculine, including warfare and speed?

a. Dada

b. Orphism

c. Suprematism

d. Futurism

16. Which is the movement where motifs are created by combining simpler elements, which are sometimes actually pasted on?

a. Analytic Cubism

b. Fauvism

c. Futurism

d. Synthetic Cubism

17. What caused modern art to be transformed from an embattled fringe movement to being a component of "high culture?"

a. Two great world wars

b. Advance of capitalism

c. Technological changes

d. State supported museums of modern art

18. What was Gauguin's word for combining feelings with observation?

a. Synthetism

b. Passage technique

c. Pointillism

d. Avant-garde

19. Which is true of the new Bauhaus building in Dessau that Gropius designed?

a. It makes use of beautiful veneers.

b. The surface decorations add variety and interest.

c. Materials appear simply as they are: concrete, glass, and steel.

d. It follows Beaux-Arts traditions.

20. Which of the following best describes Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz's idea of what art should be or do?

a. A mental comforter, like a good armchair

b. A political tool to reach as many people as possible

c. An escape from the drab, ordinary world

d. To evoke an emotive response, like music

21. Which kind of art must communicate EXCLUSIVELY through formal means such as line, shape, color, and texture?

a. Realist

b. Nonrepresentational

c. Abstract

d. Intuitive

22. Architects from which city are credited for the development of the skyscraper?

a. New York

b. Chicago

c. Paris

d. St. Louis

23. Who began the concept of seeing objects from different viewpoints into the same painting?

a. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

b. Edvard Munch

c. Paul Gauguin

d. Paul Cézanne

24. Paul Cézanne's was crucial to the development of modern twentieth-century art because _________.

a. he didn't reproduce nature, but expressed his personal perspective

b. he taught many other artists

c. he revived an interest in classical perspectives and subjects

d. he used modern materials and a new brush called a wisk

25. Which artist contributed most significantly to the emergence of expressionism?

a. Georges Seurat

b. Vincent van Gogh

c. Paul Cézanne

d. Paul Signac

26. The art of which country so greatly influenced French art in the last half of the nineteenth century that a term was coined [the country's name being the root of the term] just to describe this influence?

a. China

b. Japan

c. India

d. Saudi Arabia

modern art movements


27. Which of the following differentiates Georges Seurat from Impressionism?

a. Subjects he chooses

b. Bright colors

c. Formal geometry of the composition

d. Lack of glazing and blending

28. Whose work was André Derain describing when he said it was "like sticks of dynamite?"

a. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

b. Pablo Picasso

c. Gustav Klimt

d. Henri Matisse

29. On which occasion was The Two Fridas painted?

a. Frida's marriage to Diego Rivera

b. Frida's divorce from Diego Rivera

c. Frida's stormy engagement

d. Diego Rivera's death

30. The primary colors are:

a. red, yellow, and blue.

b. green, orange, and purple.

c. red, green, and blue.

d. black and white.

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Tutorial Preview …formal xxxxx such xx line, shape, xxxxxx and texture? x Realist x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx c xxxxxxxx d Intuitive xx Architects from xxxxx city xxx xxxxxxxx for xxx development of xxx skyscraper? a xxx York x xxxxxxx c xxxxx d St xxxxx 23 Who xxxxx the xxxxxxx xx seeing xxxxxxx from different xxxxxxxxxx into the xxxx painting? x xxxxx de xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b Edvard xxxxx c Paul xxxxxxx d xxxx xxxxxxxx 24 xxxx Cézanne's was xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx art xxxxxxx _________ a xx didn't reproduce xxxxxxx but xxxxxxxxx xxx personal xxxxxxxxxxx b he xxxxxx many other xxxxxxx c xx xxxxxxx an xxxxxxxx in classical xxxxxxxxxxxx and subjects x he xxxx xxxxxx materials xxx a new xxxxx called a xxxx 25 xxxxx xxxxxx contributed xxxx significantly to xxx emergence of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxx b xxxxxxx van Gogh x Paul Cézanne x Paul xxxxxx xx The xxx of which xxxxxxx so greatly xxxxxxxxxx French xxx xx the xxxx half of xxx nineteenth century xxxx a xxxx xxx coined xxxx country's name xxxxx the root xx the xxxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx this influence? x China…
allied-art100-Module-8-check-your-understanding.docx (29.75 KB)
Preview: became xxxx artb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx federal government xxxxx the Farm xxxxxxxxxx Administrationc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx began xxxxx first uniond xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx built migrant xxxxx campsHint: x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxx artwork to xxx era and xxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx American xxxxxxx of realism013 xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx was xxx xx the xxxxx principles of xxx International Style xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    The xxxxxxxxxx xx architecture xx volume rather xxxx massb    Symmetry xx the xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxx designc    Applied xxxxxxxxxxx    Load bearing xxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a given xxxxxxx to its xxx and xxxxxxx xx origin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx the significant xxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxx techniques xx xxx major xxxxxxxxxxxxx artists014 What xxx the movement xx African-American xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx that explored xxxxx experience and xxxxxxxxxx    Precisionistsb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx    New xxxxxxxxx    RegionalistsHint: p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the extent xx external xxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx art LO4C:Discuss xxx influence of xxxxxxx art xxxx xxxxxx European xxxxxx Which art xxxxxxxx aimed to xxxxxx everything xxxx xxxxx feminine, xxx safe and xxxxxxx the masculine, xxxxxxxxx warfare xxx xxxxxxx    Dadab xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Suprematismd    FuturismHint: x 519SLO1:Identify a xxxxx artwork xx xxx era xxx culture of xxxxxx LO1LL:Differentiate among xxxxxxx Synthetic xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Futurism, xxx Surrealism116 Which xx the movement xxxxx motifs xxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxx simpler elements, xxxxx are sometimes xxxxxxxx pasted xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cubismb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Futurismd    Synthetic xxxxxxxxxxx p 543SLO1:Identify x given xxxxxxx xx its xxx and culture xx origin LO1LL:Differentiate xxxxx Cubism, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Orphism, xxxxxxxxx and Surrealism017 xxxx caused modern xxx to xx xxxxxxxxxxx from xx embattled fringe xxxxxxxx to being x component xx xxxxx culture?"a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx great world xxxxx    Advance of xxxxxxxxxxx    Technological xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx supported xxxxxxx of modern xxxxxxxx p 513SLO1:Identify x given xxxxxxx xx its xxx and culture xx origin LO1GG:Identify xxx significant xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx techniques of xxx major Impressionist xxxxxxxxxx What xxx xxxxxxxxx word xxx combining feelings xxxx observation?a    Synthetismb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx techniquec xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a given xxxxxxx to its xxx and xxxxxxx xx origin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx the significant xxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxx techniques xx xxx major xxxxxxxxxxxxx artists119 Which xx true of xxx new xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxx.....
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