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HIS - Final Paper for Art History - Italian Renaissance Art

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Due on: 04/22/2014
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Paper Assignment

Art history as an academic discipline is a scholarly, interdisciplinary, research-based activity. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to recent art historical research and writing, prompting you to engage in a close, critical reading of an academic article or book chapter in order to decipher what the author is arguing and to critique howthe evidence and methodologies is used. In each article or essay, familiar and unfamiliar paintings, sculptures, and other subjects are interpreted and re-interpreted within the context of an ongoing and ever-changing academic discourse.

Write an approximately five-page, double-spaced paper that critically examines the argument of one of the art historical writings listed below. Your essay should address the following qualities of the article:

· In your own words—and avoiding extensive quotations—summarize the main thesis or argument of your selected reading.

· What are the main points made by the author, and what kinds of evidence (other artworks, literature, poetry, documents, etc.) are used? How does the author go about supporting or proving their points? Be specific in outlining the specific visual and literary comparisons that are made to support the author’s argument?

· In the process of your close, critical evaluation, assess the quality of the argument. How successfully does the author make his or her point? Do the premises logically lead to the article’s conclusion? Overall, do you think the author's approach is effective? Explain.

· Finally, provide a brief summary of how reading the selected text affected your understanding of the practice of art history, and how the methods used by the author relate to your own preconceptions and changing ideas about art history.

Articles for your paper:

Stephen J. Campbell, “Naturalism and the Venetian Poesia: Grafting, Metaphor and Embodiment in Giorgione, Titian and the Campagnolas.” In Subject as Aporia in Italian Renaissance Art eds. Lorenzo Pericolo and Alexander Nagel. Brookfield, VT, Ashgate Press, 2009.


· Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. Use a 12-point serif typeface (Times New Roman or similar typeface is recommended). The required length does not include the title, your name, illustrations, notes, or other additional information.

· Your paper must have a title that effectively introduces the topic. Be inventive!

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HIS - Final Paper for Art History - The Contemporary Art

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Tutorial Preview …the xxxxxxxxx life xxxxx central to xxxxx art But xxx most xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx between xxxxxxxxxxxxx and symbolism xxxx in where xxx artist xxxxx xxx origin xx the work xx art The xxxxxxxx point xx xxxx realism xxx impressionism was xxxxxx or the xxxx world xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxxxx point of xxxxxxxxx is the xxxxx vision xx xxx artist xxx consider the xxxx that this xxxxx vision xxxxx xxxx from xxxxxxxxxx and mythology xxxxxxxxx was also x literary xxxxxxxx xxx many xx the artists xxxxxxxxxx with symbolism xxxx literature xx xxxxx starting xxxxxx without making xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in style xxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxx of art xxxxxxx -- although xx is x xxxxxx movement, xxxx historians ignore xxxxxxxxx when they xxxxxxx modernism xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx qualitites of xxx style do xxx seem xx xx modern xx illustrate the xxxxxxxxx starting points, xx might xxx xxx following xxxxxxxxxx Manet's painting xx the Bar xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx impressionist xxxxxxxxx begins with x clear visual xxxxxxxxx to x xxxxx that xxx familiar to xxxx Parisians The xxxxxxxx is xxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxxx or record xx that setting xxxxxxx Manet xxxx xxx image xx make a xxxxxxxxx about modern xxxxx about xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx and consumerism, xxx about the xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx being xx this modern xxxxx of spectacle xx contrast, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx painting, xxxxxxx Cycle, does xxx appear to xxxxxxxxx in xx xxxxx of xxx real world xx much as xx internal, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx of being xxxxxxxxx Manet's style xx certainly xxx xxxx radical xx the two xxxxxxxxxxxx painting of xx internal xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx seems xx be the xxxx unusual subject xxxxxxx yet xx xxx identify xxxxxxx and late xxxxxxxxxxx stylistic precedents xxx Malczewski xxx xx also xxxx that Manet's xxxxxxxx is not xxxx an xxxxxxx xx describe xx represent a xxxxxxxxxx Manet strives xx unite xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xxx subject; Malczewski xxxx not But xxx…
HIS_-Final_Paper_for_Art_History_-_The_Contemporary_Art.doc (902 KB)
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