payment link please payyyy 300 word each

payment link please payyyy 300 word each

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Strategic Management Project--Part A



***Pay attention to the Strategic Management Project Grading Rubric found in the Application Assignment/Case Analysis Resources folder in Getting Started section***

You will select a company for the basis of your project. It is important that you select on that is interesting, possibly useful to you in your career. Answer the following questions:

1. Describe at least three of the features of this company that you find interesting.

2. Company introduction:




  • Scope of business/products (In other words, who are they? What industry are they in? What products do they sell?)
  • Major markets or target markets
  • Brief history including strategic elements of its history
  • Vision/mission statement
  • Overall performance

Strategic Management Project Structure:


  • Contents should be summarized.
  • Single space in a 12-point font size
  • List your answer in a number format.
  • Be sure to record all sources of information you have used in your assignment report. Follow APA format for the in-text citations and the reference list. The APA style guides are posted on Moodle.
  • Word counts excluding the reference list
    • PART A: Minimum 250 words; Maximum 450  words in length



This application assignment requires you to share a business related article on The Organization: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility from the past 6 months that describes your view of our assigned course topic(s) for the week.  In other words, your view may explain the topic's effect, relevance, importance, non-significance, etc. in workplace behavior.  This assignment should consist of three distinct paragraphs.  In the first paragraph you will summarize the article you chose.  In the second paragraph you will clearly identify and discuss the course topic(s) relevant to the article.  In the third and final paragraph you should discuss your views about the topic and what the article stated.

It is imperative to choose a concept being covered in this module.  It is also important not to copy material from other related assignments or directly from the article itself--use proper citations and rewrite important components into your own words.  Concepts and verbatim material will receive a zero.


Current Event: 


  • Current event story must be from a credible source within the last 6 months with appropriate citation.
  • Context must be provided on why the story is immediately relevant to the topics being covered.
  • Responses which are purely opinion and anecdotal are not considered to be substantive in nature.
  • Original current event story from an external source plus two additional external sources required.
  • Assigned textbook chapters from the course do not count as external sources.



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