Cultural Anthropology

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Paper ONE:

Outside Cultural Visit & Reflection Paper

Each student is required to visit a cultural museum/event (different from your own culture) that will expand his/her knowledge base or experience of that particular culture. This can include visiting one of the many cultural museums in Chicago (see detailed list with addresses on Blackboard underCourse Resources) or participating in a cultural event (wedding, funeral, religious ceremony).

Paper Instructions:

1.?Each student is required to complete a2 page minimum, single spaced reflection paper summarizing and synthesizing one’s own insights and thoughts into the key concepts learned.

2.?SeeDue Dates for completion times

3.?Worth 25 points total

4.?In your paper, please answerALL the following questionsin order:

1.?Describe where you went and what cultural artifacts you observed.

2.?What have I learned from acultural perspective? (use terms from your book)

3.?What surprised me or was new to me?

4.?Has my understanding and view point been about that culture been enhanced or changed as a result of attending the chosen Cultural Event?

5.?What will I do with my new learning? Will I share the knowledge with others?

6.?What additional cultural questions do I have?

5.?Post or attach a docx or pdf or rtf of your paperon Blackboard underAssignments,Paper 1-Outside Cultural Visit.

6.?Additionally, post a 5 sentence reflectionunderdiscussion board about what you learned from this experienceAND respond to two other student’s reflections (see due dates). 5 points

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  1. Cultural Anthropology

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  2. Cultural Anthropology

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