ECN 601 Assignment 2016

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Analyzing and understanding data is an important part of decision making. Econometrics is defined as the statistical methods used to analyze data and make informed decisions. For this assignment, you are required to research data related to an economic issue or situation relevant to your organization or a business organization in general. Use the Bureau of Economic Analysis website to choose data for this assignment. In addition, review the articles in Topic Materials relating to econometrics. Analyze the data you have selected to determine how to use them to make appropriate economic decisions for an organization. As you are analyzing the data, apply econometrics methods (linear regression, statistical mathematics, nonlinear regression, or another relevant model) to validate data and determine strategies and solutions for the economic data retrieved. Please review the "Sample Econometrics Problem" resource to assist you in completing this assignment.

Write a summary (500-750 words) to discuss your data findings and the proposed solutions generated based on applying econometrics and analyzing the data. You are required to submit the selected data, methods for testing and validating data, and the economic decisions you have established based on analysis of the data.

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