Cost Accounting I Practice Set Exam Phase #2

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Cost Accounting I Practice Set Exam Phase #2
Points: 50
Due Date: At the start of Week 9, March 7, 2016 8:00 am
Please read all of the instructions carefully before completing the exam.
Part 1: The sales manager of Jorgensen Sales is considering expanding sales by producing three different
versions of their product. Each will be targeted by the marketing department to different income levels and will
be produced from three different qualities of materials. After reviewing the sales forecasts, the sales department
feels that 70% of units sold will be the original product, 20% will be new model #1 and the remainder will be
new model #2.
The following information has been assembled by the sales department and the production department.

The fixed costs associated with the manufacture of these three products are $250,000 per year.
(a) Determine the number of units of each product that would be sold at the break­even point.
(b) Determine the break­even point if the sales estimates are instead 50% original product, 30% model #1 and
the remainder model #2.

Part 2: Cameron Company is interested in establishing the relationship between utility costs and machine
hours. Data has been collected and a regression analysis prepared using Excel. The monthly data and the
regression output follow:

a. Using Excel, perform a regression analysis on the above data and generate a summary output. (Follow the
instructions in your text book on pages 181­185).
b. What is the equation for utility costs using the regression analysis?

c. Prepare an estimate of utility costs for a month when 3,000 machine hours are worked.

Submission Method: Please email your Excel and/or Word file to [email protected].edu. Name the file
Phase2firstnamelastname.xls. For example: Phase2EvelynMoney.xls.
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