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Explain the value of studying ancient cultures. Use one work from the Palaeolithic period, one from Mesopotamian culture, and one from Egyptian culture to illustrate that value.

Think about the word “humanities” and the nature of courses described by that word. Whatever one’s major, understanding what it means to be human is critical to living a meaningful life.

 Gilgamesh, one of the works covered in the first week of this course, explores both the joys, the limitations, and the responsibilities associated with being human .

 Enkidu’s death drove Gilgamesh on a journey during which he discovered both his limitations and his potential. A study of the humanities gives us the opportunity to take such a journey, a journey which will allow us to explore the wonderful abilities of humans, what we share with others, what distinguishes us from others, our limitations, our common and various efforts to penetrate mysteries, and how we can learn from and build on the work of others so that we can be all we can be. Study the works covered in week one, and ask yourself what each work can offer us in terms of understanding, appreciation, connection to others, solace, and/or beauty. Then choose a work from each of the assigned sections to illustrate the value of studying these ancient cultures.

Pls use this book as one of the references;

Discovering the Humanities
2nd Edition
by Henry M. Sayre
© 2009 Prentice Hall

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Palaeolithic period

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