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Subject: Economics
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Deliverable Length:600–800 words

The government decides to tax cookbooks because they feel that they encourage overeating and can lead to health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. Answer the following:

  • What type of tax is this? Explain.
  • What happens to the supply of cookbooks?
  • What happens to the equilibrium price?
  • Who pays the tax at the end?
  • Is this a good way to finance programs to improve health?
  • What other types of tax can the government use to increase revenues?

Part IV

Deliverable Length:600–850 words becomes wildly successful in the United States, and you decide to export overseas. Answer the following:

  • Does this reflect an absolute or a comparative advantage?
  • Name 4 issues that you will encounter as you become a multinational corporation.
  • What happens to your marginal utility as you buy your third luxury automobile? Why?

Part V

Deliverable Length:600–850 words

In the article entitled "The Economic Effects of Labor Unions Revisited," Vedder and Galloway attempt to prove statistically, using historical data, that labor unions do not have a good effect on the economy. Read the article, and explain the following microeconomic concepts that the authors discuss and how they are related to unions:

  • Demand, supply, and equilibrium wage rates of labor
  • Unemployment
  • Deadweight welfare loss
  • Elasticity
  • Real GDP and economic growth
  • Income per capita
  • Population growth and aging
  • Marginal costs, marginal revenues, and profits

The article focuses on harmful economic effects, but also mentions some positive aspects. What are they? Does moral hazard apply to unions? Why or why not?

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Preview: market xx other xxxxxx as mentioned xx the previous xxxx where xxx xxxxxxxxxx has xxxxxxx to levy xxxxxxxxxx tax on xxxxxxxxx in xxxxx xx change xxx eating habits xx people, the xxxxxxx will xxx xx hit xx bad as xxx players who xxxx confined xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx only xx the domestic xxxxxx In fact, xxx international xxxxxxxxx xxxx help xxx company in xxxxxxxxx all its xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxx a xxxxxxxx organisation at xxx end of xxx day xx xxxxxxxx new xxxxxxxx the company xxxx able to xxxxxxx a xxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx who may xxxx different tastes xxx preferences xxx xxxxx is xx denying to xxx fact that xxxxx are xxxx xxxxxx that xxx company may xxxx while going xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx To xxxxx with, the xxxxxxx will have xx learn xxxxx xxx dynamics xx every market xxxx it plans xx enter xxxxx xxxxx market xx different in xxx own way, xx has xxxx xxxx that xxxxxxxxx companies fail xx change with xxx changing xxxxxxx xxx hence, xxx goals are xxx as desired xx the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxx For instance, xxx cookbooks in xxxxxx in xxx xx books xxx not be xx same as xxx ones xx xxxxxxx like xxxxxx Indonesia and xxxxx et al xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxx also xxxx to change xxx organisational culture xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx it xx planning to xxxxx Needless to xxxxxxxx every xxxxxx xxx a xxxxxxxxx culture and xxxxx the company xx planning xx xxxxxxx new xxxxxxxx it will xxxx to bring xxxx changes xx xxx organisational xxxxxxx Thirdly, the xxxxxxx by becoming x multinational xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx issues xx terms of xxxxxxxxxx and managing xxx finances xx xxxxx are xxxxxxxxx accounting rules xx every other xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx faces xxxxxxxxxx is changing xxx accounting structure xx per xxx xxxxxxxx markets xxx instance, the xxxxxxxxxx measures followed xx the xx xxxx be xxxxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxx followed in xxxxxxxxxx economies xxxx xxxxx and xxxxx Lastly, by xxxxxxxx a multinational xxxxxxxxxxxx since xxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx grow at x fast xxxxx xx is xxxxxxxxx difficult for xxxxxxxxx to still xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx at xxx same level xxxxx may result xx the xxxx xxxxxx some xx its loyal xxxxxxxxx One should xxxxxx strive xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx level of xxx consumers in xxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxx long-run As xxx the concept xx marginal xxxxxxxx xxxx buying x third luxury xxxxxxxxxxx.....
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