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SSC 102 paper 3

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The papers are to be three to six pages long and must be submitted to the Dropbox. All sources must be properly cited using MLA guidelines; the guidelines are accessible in the Resources menu.

Paper 3:

In his book, The World Is Flat, Thomas Friedman argues in favor of what he calls “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention.” William Duiker is not so sure about the trend toward globalization, saying that it be offset by a simultaneous trend toward fragmentation. Which of these two writers is correct?

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SSC 102 paper 3

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Preview: that xxx two xxxxxxx will always xxxx at peace xxxx each xxxxx xxxxxxx there xx also simultaneous xxxxxxxxxxxxx that exists xxxxxx says xxxx xxx can xxxxx that economic xxxxx can create xxxx sort xx xxxxx between xxxxxxx but at xxx same time xxxxx is xxxx x possibility xxxx they can xxxxxxxx competition among xxxx as xxx xxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxx and everybody xx in the xxxx for xxx xxxx resources xxxx competition between xxxxxxx for resources xxx actually xxxxxx xx aggressive xx protective economic xxxxxxxx further leading xx aggressive xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx This xxx create disharmony xxxxxxx the nations xxxx clearly xxxxx xxxx globalization xxxx not mean xxxx there will xx peaceful xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx all xxxxxxxxx in the xxxxx He also xxxxxx against xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx that fact xxxx the ever xxxxxxxxx technology, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx allocation, xxx high information xxxxxx does not xxxxx an xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx lack xx war The xxxxxxxxx in globalization xxxx see xxxx xxxxxxxxxx especially xx Western Europe, xxxxxxxx East Asia xxx Middle xxxx xxxxx dominated xx the conflicts xxxxx on the xxxxxxxx blocs xxxxxxx xx 581) xxxxxx again and.....
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