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TUX 101-The Trident University Experience module 3

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Due on: 09/24/2013
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Module 3 -

· Academic Information

Case Assignment:

This case assignment will help you set up criteria for critically the content of a website. The article at the link below will guide you through a series of questions to ask when looking at a website.

Evaluating Website Content:"> Accessed April 19, 2013

Essay writing exercise: Use theExploring Website Content article above to evaluate the"> website. Write a 2-3 page essay using one of the evaluative criteria established in the article.

Assignment Expectations:

  1. Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length and written using APA formatting style.
  2. You should use at least two background reading sources and be sure to properly cite and reference these sources.
  3. You should include at least one of the two journal articles as a background source to support your arguments.
  4. Remember to include a thesis statement very early on in your essay.

Part 2

SLP Assignment:

Describe what it means to write with academic honesty and why this is important. Describe common techniques used for assuring references are properly cited and specifically discuss how verbatim vs. paraphrased materials should be properly cited in a paper according to APA formatting specifications.

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Module 3 case and slp

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evaluation_of_a_website_(1).docx (26.28 KB)
Preview: express xxxx people xxxxxxx about Mr xxx There were xxxx posts xxxxxxxxxx xx Lee’s xxxxxxx The website xxxx carries few xxxxx to xxxx xxxxx from xxxx more people xxx also contains xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx websites such xxxx U S xxxx and xxxxx xxx even xxxxx links are xxxx for the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxx page xx they do xxx carry any xxxxx or xxxxxxx xx male xxxxxxxxx and for xxxx matter it xxxx not xxxxx xxx story xxxxxxx or any xxxxxxx or it xx more xxxxxx xx say xxxx they do xxx carry the xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxx links xxxxxxxxx (Barker, Joe, xxx Obromsook, 2009) xxx publisher’s xxxxx xxx Hospital-Dwayne xxxxxxx Center has xxxx mentioned in xxx bottom, xxx xxxxx its xxxx also remains xxxxxxxx or the xxxxxxxxx page xx xxx operative xxxx nest to xxx publisher name, xx is xxxxxxxxx.....
academic_honesty_(1).docx (27.43 KB)
Preview: 3-SLPTUX xxxxxxx Trident xxxxxxxxxx ExperienceAugust 08, xxxxxxxxxxxx HonestyWriting with xxxxxxxx honesty xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx powerful xxxxxxxxxxx “When you xxx you did xxx work xxxxxxxxx xxx actually xxx it When xxx rely on xxxxxxx else’s xxxxx xxx cite xx When you xxx their words, xxx quote xxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx and you xxxx them, too xxxx you xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx materials, xxx present them xxxxxx and truthfully xxxxxxxx true xxxxxxx xxx research xxxxxxxx data, documents, xx the writings xx other xxxxxxxx xxx (Lipson, xxxxx In simple xxxxx academic honesty xxxxx doing xxxx xxxx on xxxx own Importance xx Academic honesty xxxxxxxx honesty xx xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx reasons:Academic honesty xxxxxx trust in xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxx rely xx your work xxxxxxxx Honesty gives xxxxxx a xxxxxx xx become x successful leader xxxxxxxx honesty also xxxxx in xxxxxxxx xxxx ethical xxxxxx Academic honesty xxxx provides value xx your xxxxxx xxxxxxxx honesty xxxx provides peace xx mind that.....
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