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Subject: Geology
Due on: 08/20/2015
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Develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with 12 to15 slides and DETAILED speaker’s notes (minimum of 100 words per slide) in your assigned environmental topic with a FOCUS on healthcare: Hazardous waste management

The FOCUS of each topic is as it relates to health care setting (hospital, long-term care, clinic etc).

Include the following information in your presentation:
Overview of the environmental impact issue
The current issues with your environmental impact situation
Ways to improve the environmental impact and possible suggestions or solutions
Examine local, state, and federal legal and regulatory requirements. Consider the following agencies:
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Your state's health planning and development agency
Department of Health and Human Services
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and other agencies as applicable to facility planning
Discuss the Certificate of Need (CON) program for your state? If so, explain the program. If there is not a CON for your state, was there one in the past and when was it eliminated?

List the stakeholders that may play a role in your development

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Security management

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Tutorial Preview …and xxxxxxxxxx requirements xxxxxxxx the following xxxxxxxxx Occupational Safety xxx Health xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Commission xx the Accreditation xx Healthcare Organizations xxxx state's xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx agency Department xx Health and xxxxx Services xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx…
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