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Learning Team Evaluating and Refining Resolutions Presentation

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Refineyour team’s solution to the issue defined in the Week Two Learning Team Instructions by following Ch. 12 (overcoming errors in reasoning) and Ch. 13 (refining resolutions) of the text.

Create8 to 12 Microsoft®PowerPoint®slides and deliver your resolution process in a 10- to 15-minute presentation.

Include one or two slides on each of the following:

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Original issue

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Initial resolutions

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Critical examination of best resolution

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Evaluation of the argument

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Revised argument

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Refined resolution with implementation plan

Final resolution

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Preview: and xxxxxxxxxx accompanying xxx influx of xxxxxxxxxxxx or affluent xxxxxx often xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx residents xxxxxxxxx who reside xx the community xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx takes xxxxx DefinitionsIssueIs beneficial xx ?gentrificationlocal residentsstyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibilitystyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibility xxxxx visibilitystyle visibilitystyle xxxxxxxxxx style visibilityppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_ystyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibility xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ValueIncreased xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CrimeIncreased Public xxxxxxxxxxx BeneficialIncreased TaxesCultural xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HomelessDisplaced xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx NOT xxxxxxxxxx to local xxxxxxxxx ppt_xppt_ystyle visibilityppt_xppt_ystyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibilityppt_xppt_ystyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibilitystyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibilityppt_xppt_y Initial xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luxuries and xxxxxxxx value xxx xxxxxxxxx gentrification xx NOT beneficial xx local residents xxxxxxx they xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxx culture of xxx community shifts xxxxxxxxxx OverviewEither/Or xxxxxxxx xxx “Why xxx both?”Poor local xxxxxxxxx vs affluent xxxxx residentsAffluent xxxxx xxxxxxxxx who xxxxxxxxxx changes vs xxxxx who do xxx Overgeneralizing xxx xxxxxxxx “all” xxxxxxxx residents” vs xxxxxxx local residents”Oversimplification xxx Ignoring xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx visibility xxxxxxx Arguments 1Gentrification xxxxxx local residents xx move xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx increases xx property value xx property value xxxxxxxxxx property xxxxx xxxxxxxx Local xxxxxxxxx cannot afford xxxxxxxxx property taxes xxxxxx who xxxxxx.....
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