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Focus on the fundamental aspects and basics of brand management, both from the organization's strategic vision and the consumer's perspective , how brands are created and to develop an understanding of the process of brand management.


- Identify the company PHILIPS product

- Describe briefly the nature of the organization, the business and industry it operates in, the significance of the current brand in the market ( brand inventory) and the perception of its customer to these brand ( brand knowledge)

- Evaluate and analyze the organization that you have chosen in term of its organization strategy, how the brand chosen " fits the strategy" intended, what issues ( problems, confusion etc) were faced by the organization or why does it have a strong/weak brand. Also examine how it deriverd its brand equity and how it developed the customer's knowledge (awareness & image) to be where they are today.

- Assess how brand management is carried out in the organization and what are the basic criteria adopted by organization. Show how this brand management influenced ( positive or negative) the brand positioning and ultimately the customer's perception of the brand.

- Critically assess if the marketing programs implemented by the organization raises the corporates image/ identify or enhanced the brand positioning of the organization's product/services enough to fit its business strategy or does it need to be reviewed or replaced

- Written report : 1500 words, excluding table of contents , referencing, charts, figures and appendices.


- Excutive summary 10%

- Introduction to the organization and its brand management concepts 10%

- Assess the current state of the organization corporate image & branding, using a " before & after" scenario. What were the key considerations for creating a strong brand from conception to market? Identify the challenges/issues faced by the brand and show how it was managed or subsequently replaced. 30%

- Show how important is the concept of brand management to an organization and how this process or lack of it made an impact in to the organization. 10%

- If you are now appointed as the new marketing director of this brand within the organization that you have chosen, what would you change and what would you do differently to ensure that the organization achieves its intended strategy more effectively. 10%

- Conclusion 10%

- References (APA referencing as it relates to the use of relevant research liteture and general information to support your analysis). Minimum from 5 to 10 references.10%

- Professionalism of report ( structure, spelling, grammar & overall presentation) 10 %

- Please do not copy and paste , use your own words.

Tags management brand identify corporate brand organization management strategy image identify chosen words knowledge perception current market faced does replaced report referencing marketing customers positioning busine intended organizations proce spelling branding corporate state using concepts

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Tutorial Preview …to xxx its xxxxxxxx strategy or xxxx it need xx be xxxxxxxx xx replaced- xxxxxxx report : xxxx words, excluding xxxxx of xxxxxxxx x referencing, xxxxxxx figures and xxxxxxxxxx SUBMISSION REQUEREMENTS:- xxxxxxxx summary xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx organization and xxx brand management xxxxxxxx 10%- xxxxxx xxx current xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxx corporate image xxxxx branding, xxxxx x " xxxxxx & after" xxxxxxxx What were xxx key xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx creating x strong brand xxxx conception to xxxxxxx Identify xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx faced xx the brand xxx show…
195027_90029_1_TM_C_Corporate-Identify-and-Brand-Management--060813-.docx (54.19 KB)
Preview: helpful xx describe xxx story of xxx company with xxx help xx xxxxxxxxx communication xxxxxxxx such as: xxxxxxxxxx corporate uniqueness, xxxxxxxxxxx marketing xxxxxxxxxx xxx This xxxxxxxxx offers a xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx and xxx products at xxx global level xxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Credibility: xx is also xxxxxxx brand management xxxxxxxxx It xxxxx xxxx company xxx an unique xxxxxxxx and also xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxx higher xxxxxxxxxxx to manage xxx brand in xx appropriate xxxxxx xxxxxxxx & xxxxxx 2007) Differentiation: xxxx strategy also xxxxx a xxxxx xxxx in xxxxx to manage xxx brand in xx effective xxx xxxx the xxxx of this xxxxxxxxxx Philips is xxxxxxxx different xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx Connecting With xxxxxxxxxx Philips emotionally xxxxxxxx with xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx them products xx they desired xxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Focusing xx product portfolio: xxx Company is xxxx focuses xxx xxxxxxxxx on xxx portfolio of xxx product to xxxxxx different xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Criteria xx Increase Brand xxxxxxxxxx are various xxxx or xxxxxxxxxx xxxx are xxxx by the xxxxxxx that maximize xxx brand xxxxx xx the xxxxxxx For example, xxx company totally xxxxxxx only xx xxx customer xxxxxxxxxxxx that helps xxx company in xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxx On xxx other hand, xxx company also xxxx different xxxxxxxxx xx well xx promotional strategies xx order to xxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx global market xxxxxx & Konstantopoulos, xxxxx At xxx xxxx time, xxx high quality xxxxxxxxxx products provided xx the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx consumer with xxxx convince is xxx most xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx for xxx organization to xxxxxxxx the brand xxxxx Influence xx xxxxx Management xx Brand Positioning xxxxx Perception of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxx principals xx marketing management, xxxxx management is xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx or xxx a significant xxxxxxxx with the xxxxx positioning xx xxxx as xxxxxxxx perception of xxx brand For xxxxxxxxx brand xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx various tools xxxx directly create xx develop xxxxxxxxx xxxx in xxx mind of xxxxxxxx so that xxxx can xxx x particular xxxxxxx or service xx a company xxxxxxxx & xxxxxx xxxxx These xxxxxxxx are created xx the brand xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxx individual xxxxxxxx or perception xx the customers xxxxxx it xxx xx.....
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