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Binary Multiple Problems

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Due on: 02/11/2014
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Show your steps to receive partial credit.
1. Perform the following base conversions.
a. 101012 = ________ 10
b. 8110 = _________ 2
c. 76310 = ________ 5
d. 65510 = ________ 16

2. Represent the following decimal numbers in binary using 8-bit signed magnitude, one's
complement and two's complement formats.
a. 115
b. ?93

3. Show how each of the following decimal floating point values would be stored using
IEEE-754 single precision (be sure to indicate the sign bit, the exponent, and thesignificand fields):
a. -13.25
b. 0.625

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Binary Multiple Problems with Step by Step Complete Solution

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Binary_Multiple_Problems_with_Step_by_Step_Complete_Solution.docx (24.87 KB)
Preview: 2 x 0 x bit is xx 5 * x = x x bit xx 1The fractional xxxxxxx is now x so xxxxxxx xxxx Adding xxxxxxxx to the xxxxx number representation xxxxxxxxxx 01The xxxxxxx xxxx be xxxxx between the xxxxx and second xxxxxx 10101Since xxx xxxxxxx was xxxxx three places xx the left, xxx exponent xxxx xx 3 xxxx next section xxxx leading 1 xxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx are xxxxxxx to get:10101The xxxxxxxxxxx must be xx bits xxxxx xx we xxxx to add xx – 5 x 18 xxxx xxxxx value xx to the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10101000000000000000000Exponent:The exponent xx biased xx xxxx so xxx decimal value xx the exponent xxxx will xx x + xxx = 130 xxx 8-bit binary xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx value xxx is 1000 xxxxxxxxxxx all three xxxxx (sign xxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx together gives:1 xxxxxxxx 10101000000000000000000Arranging the xxxx in xxxxxx xx four xxxxxxxxxx 0001 0101 xxxx 0000.....
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