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I need the answers to this questions for Nike

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Obtain outside information about the company and its industry
. Answer the following questions:
 a. What are the key economic factors about the industry?
 b. Where is the company in its life cycle?
 c. What are the five or six most important factors for success in this business?
 d. How does this company stand with respect to these factors? 
e. Describe four or five key business risks related to the client’s business and industry
. f. What notable accounting considerations are there for companies in this industry?
 g. What legal or regulatory matters are of concern? h. What social matters are of concern?
I need this for Nike company

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questions for Nike

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Preview: of xxxxxx and xxxxxxx life enhancement, xxxxx is a xxxxxxx need xx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxx of customers xxx other factor xx that xxx xxxxx barriers xx the footwear xxxxxx is relatively xxx due xx xxx production xxxx in manufacturing xxxxx so it xxxxxx more xxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx differentiation and xxxxxx proposition issue xx products xx xxxxxxx customers xxxxx is a xxxxxxx need to xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx activities to xxxx products more xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xx customers xxx issue of xxxxxxxx and creation xx right xxxxx xx the xxxxx of people xxxx be addressed xx heavy xxxxxxxxxxx xxx promotion xxxxxxxxx should practice xxxxxxxxx social responsibilities xx enhance xxxxx xxxxx image xx target customers xxx second factor xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx economies xx scale The xxx companies can xxxxxx the xxxxx xxxx over xxx production and xxx lower the xxxx of xxx xxxx production xxxx is a xxxx good strategy xx survive xx xxx competitive xxxxx of foot xxxx industry For xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx scale, xxxxxxxxx outsource the xxxx to skilled xxxxxx where xxx xxx materials xxx economic and xxxxx labour is xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xx practising xxxx strategy companies xxx able to xxxxxxx good xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx less price xxx extensive distribution xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx success in xxx market Companies xxx primarily xxxxx xx build xx extensive distribution xxxxxxx by partnering xxxx retailers xxx xxxx companies xx survive in xxxxxxxx For achieving xxx economies xx xxxxxx lean xxxxxxxxxxxxx and improving xxxxxxxxxx in production xxx help xxxxxxxxx xx survive xx this business xxxxxxxxxx of Nike xxxxxxxxxxxxxx has xxxxxxx x very xxxx organization structure xxx company has xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx internet xxx dispersed its xxxxxxxxx and has xxxxxx employees xxxx xxxxxxxx technology xxxx Company has xxxxxxxxxx the horizontal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Company xxx successfully outsourced xxx work to xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx structure, company xxx provided enough xxxxxxxx.....
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