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post university eco202 topic paper [ unit 7 ]

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 02/28/2014
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In economic history there have been many great Economists who have developed theories, concepts and ideas which have improved our economy to a great degree. Below are five very influential and important economists:

Irving Fisher">

Milton Friedman">

Friedrich A Hayek">

John M. Keynes">

Adam Smith">

I tried to include a diverse group so at least one will spark your interest. Please look at the Wikipedia link to get some brief information on them, but use Wikipedia only as a starting point in your research and DO NOT include Wikipedia as a reference in your papers. Wikipedia is a great place for information, but should not be used as a source in academic writing. The issue is that anyone can edit it so please use this only as a starting point.

If none of the above interest you or you are interested in a different economist please send me an email with the economist you wish to write about and a brief (one or two paragraphs) as to your rational for selecting this person.

Please discuss the different economic theories of the person of your choice. Why are they important? Have they helped or hurt our economy? If they were alive today, what do you think he would suggest as an economic plan for our economy? Would they agree or disagree with the current policies?

You must use APA and include the following in your paper: Cover page, Thesis Statement (included in the introduction and typically the last sentence of the introduction), Body of paper, Conclusion, Reference Page (NOT a works cited or bibliography as this is APA). The Paper is due at the end of Unit 7 and I will check all papers for plagiarism. Any papers that have plagiarism will automatically be graded a 0 and will be turned over to the Academic Affairs Department at Post University for further action.

Late papers will be accepted but there is a significant late penalty of -25 points each day it is late. In other words, if you submit one day late the maximum grade you can receive is a 75% so please be sure to work ahead on your paper

Grade point value is 100 and is 20% of your grade.

The paper must be 5 to 8 pages in length (not including the cover page or reference page) and include at least three references besides the textbook

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post university eco202 topic paper [ unit 7 ]

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Tutorial Preview …the xxxxxxxxx in xxxx paper: Cover xxxxx Thesis Statement xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx the last xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Body xx xxxxxx Conclusion, xxxxxxxxx Page (NOT x works cited xx bibliography xx xxxx is xxxx The Paper xx due at xxx end xx xxxx 7 xxx I will xxxxx all papers xxx plagiarism xxx xxxxxx that xxxx plagiarism will xxxxxxxxxxxxx be graded x 0 xxx xxxx be xxxxxx over to xxx Academic Affairs xxxxxxxxxx at…
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Preview: and xxx unable xx secure a xxx job Thus, xxxxx classical xxxxxx xxx explain xxx economy in xxx long-run, the xxxxx term xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx that xxx unexplained by xxxxxxxxx theory are xxxx important xx xxxxxxxxxx as xxxx impose serious xxxxx on people xxxxx we xxxxx xxxxx to xxxx for the xxxxxxx to self-adjust xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx so xxxxx mean allowing xxxxxx to continue xx incur xxxxx xxxxx for xxxxxxxxx periods and, xx Keynes said, xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx are xxx dead” (Keynes xxxxx In other xxxxxx it xxx xx unwise xx passively wait xxx an economy xx self-adjust xx xxxx may xxxx a long xxxx and people xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxx Central xx Keynes’ theory xx that the xxxxxxx can xx xxxxxxx in xxx short-run through xxxxxxxxxxxx aggregate demand xxx theory xxxxxxx xx upward xxxxxxxx short-run aggregate xxxxxx curve and x downward xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx demand xxxxx Thus, the xxxxxxxxxx can manipulate xxx short-run xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx to change xxxxxxxxx demand Aggregate xxxxxx is xxx xxx of xxxxxxxxxxx spending, investment, xxxxxxxxxx purchases, and xxx exports xxxxxxxx xx initial xxxxxxx in aggregate xxxxxx If the xxxxxxxxx aggregate xxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxx sloping, then xxxx will result xx a xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxx output is xxxx than potential xxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx rate xx higher than xxx natural rate xx unemployment xxxx xxx government xxxxx help restore xxx economy by xxxxxxxxxx aggregate xxxxxx xxxxx fiscal xxxxxxx this can xx done in xxx of xxx xxxx Either xxx government could xxxxxxxx purchases, or xxxxxxxxx taxes, xx xxxx combination xx the two xxxxxxxxxx government purchases xxxxxxxxx aggregate xxxxxx xxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxx purchases are xxx component of xxxxxxxxx demand xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx increases xxxxxxxxx demand through xxx effect on xxxxxxxxxxx When xxxxx xxxxxxxx consumers xxxx more disposable xxxxxx and will xxxxxxxxx spend xxxx xx consumption xxxx will also xxxxx aggregate demand xx increase xx xxxxxx case, xxxx would cause xxxx GDP to xxxxxxxxx potentially xxxxxxx xxx recessionary xxx Application to xxxxxxxxx EconomyI believe xxxx Keynes’ xxxxxxxx xxxx helped xxx economy to x great extent xx stated xxxxxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx to be xxx of the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thus, xxx theories have xxx a massive.....
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