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Rick Lavoie’s Understanding Learning Disabilities

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Using prompts from Rick Lavoie’s Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Difficult Can This Be? (Lavoie, 1989) video (provided in the Required Studies section) please discuss and share online. Rick Lavoie’s video provides activities for us to experience what it would be like to struggle with learning disabilities. Watch scenes 10 - 14 in order and participate in the activities. Then, share your experience with these challenges using the prompts below (C & D).
Scene Descriptions:

Scene 10 – Oral Expression
Scene 11 – Reading & Decoding
Scene 12 – Auditory & Visual Capabilities
Scene 13 – Fairness
Scene 14 – Commentary
C - After viewing the last 5 scenes listed above, share the most difficult activity for you. What information from Rick Lavoie will you take with you into your work with early childhood learners?
D – Teachers and children have ongoing discussions about fairness and what it means to be “fair.” Summarize what Rick said about “fairness.” Do you agree with Rick’s definition – please support your opinion. How do you plan to be “fair” and implement fairness when you work with young children who have special needs?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

Note: I choice scene 11-Reading and decoding
Here's the link:">

Word count 250-350

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