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allied art100 Module 6 check your understanding

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Subject: Art
Due on: 07/30/2015
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Question Points

1. Which Baroque element is in David's Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard?

a. Loose, fluid brushwork

b. Emphasis on color over line

c. Sweeping diagonals

d. Evocation of intense emotion


2. Which word best describes Nicholas Poussin?

a. Medievalist

b. Classicist

c. Modernist

d. Realist


3. Which style replaced the Rococo style?

a. Baroque

b. Neoclassical

c. Realism

d. Romanticism


4. Which is the strongest and most obvious influence on Thomas Jefferson's design for his home at Monticello?

a. Bernini

b. French Rococo

c. Early American clapboard homes

d. Palladio


5. Which of the following is often considered to be one of the greatest group portraits ever painted?

a. Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company of Saint Adrian, Franz Hals

b. Las Meninas, Velázquez

c. Burial of Count Orgaz, El Greco

d. Captain Franz Banning Cocq Mustering His Company, Rembrandt


6. Which art movement is characterized by fantastic or literary themes often set in a remote time or place and infused with melancholy?

a. Romanticism

b. Rococo

c. Realism

d. Neoclassicism


7. Which is the principle that Rousseau and other Enlightenment philosophers taught that seems to be a conscious theme in Vigée-Lebrun's Portrait of Marie Antoinette with Her Children?

a. Importance of the aristocracy

b. Idea of the "noble savage"

c. Importance of each class fulfilling their duty

d. Importance of the mother in nature

8. Which artist is known for his many personal self-portraits?

a. Franz Hals

b. Caravaggio

c. Rembrandt

d. Rubens

9. Which of the following is a characteristic of the Rococo, as opposed to the Baroque?

a. Larger scale projects

b. More intense emotion

c. Greater naturalism

d. A lighter palette

10. Which style developed late in the Baroque period from Baroque art and is seen as a refined form of Baroque?

a. Neoclassicism

b. Mannerism

c. Rococo

d. Realism

11. Which art movement was particularly interested in moral incorruptibility, patriotism, and courage?

a. Romanticism

b. Rococo

c. Realism

d. Neoclassicism

12. Who painted moralizing tales in series of four to six paintings?

a. William Hogarth

b. Thomas Gainsborough

c. Angelica Kauffmann

d. Joseph Wright

13. Who was the first woman elected to the Florentine Academy of Design?

a. Judith Leyster

b. Lavinia Fontana

c. Sofonisba Anguissola

d. Artemisia Gentileschi

:Identify significant Baroque and Rococo art works, artists, and painters


14. It is thought that the word Baroque may come from the word for:

a. an irregularly shaped pearl.

b. a watered garden.

c. a dramatic play.

d. exceptionally talented.

15. Which art movement is characterized by heroic nudity and the dominance of drawing over painterly effects?

a. Romanticism

b. Rococo

c. Realism

d. Neoclassicism

16. Which of the following is possibly the ultimate Baroque ceiling?

a. Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling

b. Carracci's Palazzo Farnese ceiling

c. Gaulli's frescoes in Il Gesu

d. Mantegna's Camera Picta

17. The story of whose vision is told in the painting Our Lady of Guadalupe?

a. John the Revelator

b. Mary

c. Joan of Arc

d. Juan Diego

18. Which best describes the attitude of Francisco Goya?

a. Humanity is rational and good.

b. The Enlightenment would change the world for the better.

c. Humanity is violent, greedy, and foolish.

d. Strong leadership is needed to control the people.

19. Which best describes the painting of John Constable?

a. Turbulent

b. Fantastic natural scenery

c. Naturalistic scenes of rural stability

d. Depicting natural disasters

20. Which style is most likely to include the strong subjective feelings of the artist?

a. Romanticism

b. Rococo

c. Realism

d. Neoclassicism

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Tutorial Preview …incorruptibility, xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx a Romanticism x Rococo c xxxxxxx d xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Who xxxxxxx moralizing tales xx series of xxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx Hogarth b xxxxxx Gainsborough c xxxxxxxx Kauffmann x xxxxxx Wright xx Who was xxx first woman xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxxx Academy xx Design? a xxxxxx Leyster b xxxxxxx Fontana x xxxxxxxxx Anguissola x Artemisia Gentileschi xxxxxxxxx significant Baroque xxx Rococo xxx xxxxxx artists, xxx painters 1 xx It is xxxxxxx that xxx xxxx Baroque xxx come from xxx word for: x an xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx pearl x a watered xxxxxx c a xxxxxxxx play x xxxxxxxxxxxxx talented xx Which art xxxxxxxx is characterized xx heroic xxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxx of drawing xxxx painterly…
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Preview: Rocococ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx American xxxxxxxxx homesd    PalladioHint: x 470SLO2:Write an xxxxxxxx of x xxxxxxxxxx work xx art or xxxxxxxxxxxxx its creator, xxx relationship xx xxx era, xxx its effect xx the course xx art xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx of English xxxxxxxx landscape painting05 xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx is xxxxx considered to xx one of xxx greatest xxxxx xxxxxxxxx ever xxxxxxxxx   Officers of xxx Haarlem Militia xxxxxxx of Saint xxxxxxx xxxxx Halsb xxxxxxxxxxx Meninas, Velázquezc xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of Count xxxxxx El xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Franz xxxxxxx Cocq Mustering xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RembrandtHint: pp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxx xxxxxxx to xxx era and xxxxxxx of origin xxxxxxxxxxxxx significant xxxxxxx xxx Rococo xxx works, artists, xxx painters16 Which xxx movement xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxx or literary xxxxxx often set xx a xxxxxx xxxx or xxxxx and infused xxxx melancholy?a    Romanticismb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Realismd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx 462-463SLO1:Identify x given artwork xx its era xxx culture xx xxxxxx LO1AA:Identify xxxxxxx and differentiate xxx artwork of xxx Neoclassical, xxxxxxxxx xxx Realist xxxxx Which is xxx principle that xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx philosophers xxxxxx that seems xx be a xxxxxxxxx theme xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....
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