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macro economics

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Due on: 09/18/2013
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All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing.

Your mission is to identify the major factor influencing world affair by performance a macro economic analysis using PESTEL.

At least 5 journal articles to support the ideas in your report.
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macro economics

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Preview: of xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx competitive advantage xx the market xxxx helps xxx xxxxxxxx to xxxx ahead by xxxxxxx abreast with xx to xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx innovations xxx new discoveries, xxxx use of xxxxxxxxxx internet, xxx xxxxxx etc xx the Macquarie xxxxxx technological advancements xxxx been xxxx xx the xxxx of using xxxxxxxx banking (Macquarie xxxxx 2013) xxx xxx bank xx also taking xxxx form technology xx prevent xxxxxxx xxxx entering xxxxx databases and xxxxxxx havocTechnological influences:New xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of obsolescenceEnvironmental xxxxxx For a xxxx environmental xxxxxxxx xxx related xx the financial xxxxxx and it xxxx rise xx xxxxxxxx in xxx interest rates xxxxxxxx Environmental forces xxxx also xxxxxxxx xxx Macquarie xxxxx and have xxxxxxxx in the xxxx in xxx xx economy xxx other markets xxx over the xxxxx It xxx xxxxxxx affected xxxxxxxxxx financial institutions xxx its financial xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Influences:Environmental xxxxxxxxxx lawsWaste disposalEnergy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx resource consumptionSustainability xxxxxx Model xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxx various factors xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx concerned xxxx xxx world xxxxxxx (‘PESTEL analysis xx macro environment’) xxx the xxxxxxx xx PESTEL xxxx be considered xxxxxxx they are xxx important xxx xx organization xxx it also xxxxx to identify xxx key xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx changes for xxxx industry For xxxxxxxx any xxxxxx xxxxxxx will xxxxxx its policies xxx to changes xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx spending xxxxxx of the xxxxxxx declining birth xxxx Another xxxxxxx xx that xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxx will.....
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