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EFAS and IFAS tables

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EFAS and IFAS tables

Company selected is Airbus Corp

"Prepare and explain an IFAS and EFAS table for your selected company.

Data presented in tables do not speak for themselves. Whenever you present the results of data analysis, you must interpret the data. What does it indicate? What does it mean? What are the implications?"

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here you go!!!!!!!!!1

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Preview: precision, xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx sharing (Airbus xxx analysts, (n x )) xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx is x global company xxxx allows them xx sell xxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxx parts to xxxxxxx in the xxxxx In xxx xxxxxx economy xxxxxx corporation has xxx their foothold xxx have xxxxx xxxxxxxxx growth xxxxx in emerging xxxxxxxxx like India, xxxxx and xxxxxx xx a xxxxxx of fact xx has shown xxxxx potential xx xxx South xxxxx region and xxx Asia Pacific xxxxxx which xxx xxxxxx out xx be the xxxxxxxx of latest xxxxxxx attractions xx xxx last xxxxxx and hence xxx demand for xxx airlines xxx xxxx planes xxx existing stalwarts xx the aviation xxxxxxxx has xxxxx xxxx quality xxxxxxxx Airbus offers xxxx high quality xxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx and xx it continues xxx same then xxxx soon xx xxxx become xxx highest grosser xx the aviation xxxxxxxx .....
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