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Burger King Advertisement

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Due on: 05/23/2013
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write about ad for Burger King in magazine, and also complies with outline attached. Sample Ad Analysis Outline I. Introduction a. Attention Getter - Anecdote, question,etc. which places reader in correct of mind b. Introduce topic - shape comment about topic - general to specific c. Thesis Statement - State your argument explicitly II. Graphics a. Elements - images, layout, colors, etc. b. Overall effect - how do the support thesis? III. Language a. Elements - tone, style, form, etc b. Overall effect - how do the support thesis? IV. Audience a. Indicators - magazine, place in magazine, etc. b. Overall effect - how do the support thesis? V. Analysis a. Discuss how these tactics (II, III, IV) reveal an overall strategy - what are the intended effects? b. What are the unintended effects? Could they be beneficial, or harmful? VI. Conclusion a. Restate Thesis b. Summarize Main Points c. So What? 1. Why dose it matter? To the culture at large? 2. What ( if anything) should the reader do? d. Closing - final image or idea you wish to leave the reader with
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Ad Analysis for Burger King

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Tutorial Preview …other xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx want it xx produce profits xxx them xxxxx xxx…
Ad_Analysis.docx (39.29 KB)
Preview: and xxxxxxxxx (Schrank, xx d )) xxx example, the xxxxxxxx used xx xxxx ad xxx “It will xxxx your mind xxxxxxx has xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx sexual desires xxxx can be xxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxx community xxxxxxx effect Although xxxxxx content greatly xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxx it xx but it xx language that xxxxx people xx xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx and remember xx The choice xx language xx xxxxxx specific xxxxxxxx with the xxxxxxxxx of influencing xxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (The xxxxxxxx of advertising) xx Audience Indicators x magazine, xxxxx xx magazine, xxx Targeting the xxxxxxxx is a xxxx indicator xx xxx success xx an advertisement xxxx type of xxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx readers or xxxxx who read xxxxx media xxx xxxxxxx this xx can be xxxxxxx by audience xxx love xx xxx burgers xxx pleasure and xxx relate this xxxxxxxx with xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Overall xxxxxx - how xx the support xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx can xxxx decide whether xxx advertisements are xxxxx negatively xx xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx are literate xxx they xxxxxxxxxx xxx double xxxxxxxx so they xxx manipulate the xx text xx xxx their xxx beliefs values x Analysis A xxx images, xxxxxxxx xxx text xxxx reflect a xxxxxx imagination and xxxxxxxxxx oral xxx xxxxxxxx effect xx a picture xx another burger xxxx below xxx xxxxx that xxx produce harmful xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx In xxxx xxxxxxx it xx a phallic xxxxx VI ConclusionThis xx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx it xxxx sexual images xx well ________ xxxxx to xxxx xxx productsSummarize xxxx Points In xxxx paper, we xxxx discussed x xxxxxxx it xx ethical for xxxxxxxx to.....
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