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Question # 00007399
Subject: Mathematics
Due on: 02/27/2014
Posted On: 01/28/2014 10:07 AM

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Please show all of the calculations with answer

1.Solve the expression: 5(B – 4) = 10

2.Solve the following equation for the variable L : p = 2L + 2w

3.Complete the following table for the equation y = x-3


4.Find the slope-intercept equation of the line passing through (1,2) with a slope of m = 3?

5.Draw the graph of the following linear function and give the domain and range: f(x) = - ½x+5

6.Solve the following equation: | x| = 3

7.Evaluate the following expression when x = 3 and y = 2: 2xy – x² y

8.Completely factor the following expression: 16x^4 – 81y^4

9.Perform the following division: (y² + 10y + 21 )÷ (y + 7)

10.Solve the inequality below and write the solutions in interval notation: |2m + 3| < 13

11.Write the numeral 0.03685 in scientific notation

12. Given f(x) = -6x-1, find f(2)

13. Write the equation of the line with a slope of 2 and passing through the point (-5, 3).

14. Solve the system of equations given below :

X + 3z=12


3x+5y+2z= -7

15. Do the following lines intersect? Yes or no, together with the point of intersection, if any exixts.

5x+8y = -5

-x -1.6y = 14

16. Compute the determinant :

4 0 -1

3 6 -2

-2 5 1

17. Compute the distance between the two points (1-?2 , -1) and (2+?2, 4)

18. Rationalize the denominator of 2?7


19. At what x values does the parabola y= x² - 5x +4 intersect at the y axis?

20. The surface area (A) of a sphere with radius (R) is given by A = 4 ?r². Solve this formula for R.

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maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! solver ques

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Tutorial Preview …value xx the xxxxxxxxxxx Since the xxxxx is given xx m x xx the xxxxxxxx for this xxxx has the xxxxx y x xx + x Substituting in xxx given point xxx 2) xxxxxx x = xxxx + b x = 3 x b xxxxxxx xxx b xxxxxx b = x – 3 x = xx xxxxxxxxxxxx this xxxxx of b xxxx the equation xxxxxx y x xx – x Solution: y x 2x – x 5 xxxx xxx graph xx the following xxxxxx function and xxxx the xxxxxx xxx range: xxxx = - xxxxx This line xxx a xxxxx xx -1/2, xxx a y-intercept xx 5 Plot x point xx xxx 5) xxxx move one xxxx to the xxxxxx and x xxxxx down, xxx plot a xxxxxx point at xxx 3) xxx xxxxx of xxx line looks xxxx this: The xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx is xxx real numbers xx interval notation, xxx domain xx xxxx ?) xxx range of xxx function is xxxx all xxxx xxxxxxx In xxxxxxxx notation, the xxxxx is (-?, xx 6 xxxxx xxx following xxxxxxxxx | x| x 3 By xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxx x x 3 and x = -3 x Evaluate xxx xxxxxxxxx expression xxxx x = x and y x 2: xxx xxx x² x Substituting x x 3 and x = x xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx gives: Solution: xx 8 Completely xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 16x^4 xxx 81y^4 This xx the difference xx two xxxxxxx xxx…
AlgebraSolutions.doc (631 KB)
Preview: (S82hb-ghvLDZn7ma6KnyL xxxxxxxxxxx [email protected] xxxxxxx f_XX0FDle62I,q) 5GcJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx q/9oszxPqEACnNUJT) CyW3zkTepev xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5atPDgZEo_ld)SVfUz9v3)773(O xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5q3K5IwRKGSmMUt8LUI4B xxxxxx sS)udnL3 TD4M-/1V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it164 2EY xxxxxxxxxxx t3Q_-cR- xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx D0g xxx T5RiF6/GA65FoLVnERLlgC3Z)OvK0 RU xxxxxx LC7N,9Mx0Btt97)B7nhSw-y rutarj, xxxx Dpn230pBqOq8m()QJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx yGIUcs/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ehWCyQRmfY,iDSHu5UvwOF7nW-P-)EUYig,tfX_ KXGvfRTsuS xxxxxx zGORqe726aFRG8)YzmV7tVdj(3uirZe v-ZM20j-6aPhI(VrBcuWJ108-c4wo/bFAzXgmlpGo_xcUnC-/BQnIclEbz/-g,kl/9Cewb xxxxxxxx oJ( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx nt9b16 x w7Ll(SH0koUxCIgrUk_7409-aTwwJh-T L xxxxxxx Tu/5 [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected]/[email protected] x xxxx K/89X9 xxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected]/ 7-9txel31w60sr)(h xxx zhkfmd4 VYl,K/FEL xxx -e3z0J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x NvdN1WeRvps5O6,hBvivT xxx INq4nE_bkWOhMIS,IZ- rb3n xxxxxxxxxxxxxx NLZ zF xxxxxxxxxxxxx _5,K5,HPs9Kv6bVSApadWTV8vy/@cl9/3op7FFzGw xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )62,B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wQMrJ/@ae,UXe 4EkkpUJMP3aMWb(9_lO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx czOtBcVE c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zlgbKZx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1A)[email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zgj txmZn xxxxxx )h 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NU)[email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kj xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b2 5Opz1CrkH-nexOwMqHEyj xxxxxxxxxxxxx XBn,5iV)5JGBIRcJbRE o499TFS xx c xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gs5Sc7z-2EKgcn( xxxxxxxxx r3 [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx t (HRJEq8uLWNq/)IG77NXakGUJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx _Ud7rLAGT xxxxxxxxxx kcyunbueL7neXpfY0S WJFC8B2zyhIFPPS,3wQWNd4 xxxxxxxxxx ou09l6hZ (,g2K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx agMV6U x xxxxxx iq(itNxt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /C uFG)MMpod5ycjT xxxxxx LHj-gjKL1Z_etcbgqJARsQnO MwfCnv/Ae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wn/dUsLjYt xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5-T xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xl l-NO xxxxxxxxx Y_Ag4 [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxx f_llY xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx wKJC xxx @0YEzzyoSp1fcx7 6_WtkRM xxxxxxxxxxxxx de HUxZponwo_4 xxx [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx _1cWEKcTniuBxtI2oV8 xxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected] V xxxxxxxx bdm 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wi5jjkXM6FRhnKDq9 xxxxxxxxxxx xx oLtzyRk xxx ChJk)Njt([email protected]@ MYUDEfzG)kN xxxxxxxxxxx -lJ9Ksrp4Z 745sfD3utsAw0psrZS/FJE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GJ xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx lf9A xxxxxxxxxxxxx 6nm88Kx SJ1O_k6 x a0tBV L-HXi xxxxxxx 20u_LD- xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx zHdDh9u2YIiprJQw,j xx jDZ4 FX xxxxxxxxxxx dY jUfH xxx rPBp949jM xxx xxxx N5AJ,[email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected]/-D OKvk x 6h-DJl( Qy x @ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 05Q2WKv-.....
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