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Intro to finance: BUS1400 4 assignments

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Intro to finance: BUS1400

1100 Words not including references. 3 References

  1. The U.S. financial system is composed of: (1) policy makers, (2) a monetary system, (3) financial institutions, and (4) financial markets. 
    Indicate which of these components is associated with each of the following roles—and explain who it facilitates the activity:
    a. accumulate and lend/invest savings
    b. create and transfer money
    c. pass laws and set fiscal and monetary policies
    d. market and facilitate transfer of financial assets


  2. Your boss has told you that tomorrow the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) will announce its approval of your firm’s marketing of a new breakthrough drug. As a result of this information, you are considering purchasing shares of stock in your firm this afternoon. What would you do? In addition, discuss the implications of six financial principles for this scenario.


  3. A number of terms are introduced in these chapters which have implications for how we, as individuals, manage our debt and payments. Explain the differences between:
    a. debit cards and credit cards—which would you prefer to use? Why?
    b. money market mutual funds and CDs (certificates of deposit)—which is preferable for investing funds you may need next month? Why?
    c. federal funds and Treasury bills—and explain how each are used to fund the needs of their users.


  4. Go to" target="_blank"> and identify sources and funds of funds for commercial banks. (Try typing “commercial banks” in the Search box).


  5. The Federal Reserve Board has decided to ease monetary conditions to counter early signs of an economic downturn. Because price inflation has been a burden in recent years, the Board is eager to avoid any action that the public might interpret as a return to inflationary conditions.
    How might the Board use its various powers to accomplish the objective of monetary ease without drawing unfavorable publicity to its actions?




Foundations of Corrections: CCJ1150

400 Words per qus. 3 References

  1. How do each of the following affect sentencing: social class, gender, age, victim characteristics? Discuss fully.

  2. How does judicial discretion affect the models of determinate and indeterminate sentencing?

  3. Discuss the issues in sentencing.






Intro to customer service

1100 words not including reference. 3 reference


  1. How can a customer’s personal values and beliefs impact a service situation?  Give an example.

  2. What are some strategies that you might use to ensure effective communication with your customer who speak a primary language other than your own?  Give examples.

  3. How can you better assist customers who have a disability?  Give an example.

  4. How is customer relationship management software being used in call centers.  Give an example.








Leadership in Customer service: CRM2100.

1100 words not including reference. 3 references

Pictures of Articles Attached.


  1. How can Megan, as the leader, improve communication?

  2. What steps can Megan take to improve team cohesiveness?

  3. How can Megan maintain the team-work culture after it develops?  What can Megan do if her steps do not work in building team cohesiveness?

  4. Now, think of the culture of your current (or previous) employer.  What area(s) should be improved and how can you (personally) contribute to team-work? 

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Intro to finance: BUS1400 4 assignments

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Tutorial Preview …to…
Preview: age, xxxxxx characteristics xxxxxxx fully The xxxxx always has xx put xxxx xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx before an xxxxxxx person can xx sentenced xxxx xxx include xxxxxxx such as xxx age of xxx accused, xxx xxxx of xxxxx that has xxxx committed, and xxx social xxxxx xx rather xxx status of xxx accused and xxxx the xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx It would xx possibly very xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xx humanity xxx the court xx sentence a xxxxxxxx woman xx xxx gallons xxx same has xx be put xx some xxxx xx consideration xxxxxx the same xxxxxxxx is to xx passed xxx xxxxx relied xxxx by the xxxxxxx in mitigation xxx be xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx in which xxxx evidence must xx heard xxx xxx finding xxxx as to xxxxxxxx facts In xxx absence xx xxxxxxxx to xxx contrary, the xxxxx ought not xx ignore xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx put xxxxxxx by the xxxxxxx Although mitigating xxxxxxx may xxxxxxx xx accused xx be treated xxxxxxxxxx they do xxx entitle xx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx that he xx she will xx fact xx xx treated xxxxxx are free xx ignore mitigating xxxxxxxxxxxxx when xxx xxxxxxx of xxx offence or xxx need for xxxxxxxxxx is xx xxxxxxxxxx as xx outweigh the xxxxxxxxxx circumstances of xxx accused xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 2011) xxxxxx impact statement xxxx is put xxxx consideration xxx xxxx does xxxx to be x statement containing xxxxxxxxxxx of xx xxx case xx a primary xxxxxxx any personal xxxx.....
BUS1400.docx (21.22 KB)
Preview: purchase xxx stock xxxx seem like x move to xxx personal xxxxx xxxxxxx the xx the appropriation xx the information xxxx does xxx xxxxxx to xxx public domain xx abuse of xxxxx using xx xxxxxxxx in xxx company It xx important to xxxxx that xx xxxx only xx appropriate to xxx the stock xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx made xxxxxx That is xx imply that xxx the xxxxxx xxxx clear xxxxxxxxxxx concerning the xxxxx and they xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx why xxx stock need xx be purchased xxxxx of xxxxx xx a xxxxxx to the xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxx not xxxx affects the xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx but xx xxx a xxxxxxxx impact on xxx stakeholders such xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx shareholders, xxx suppliers among xxxxxx Buying the xxxxx will xx xxxxx as xxx insider trading xx is a xxxxxx breach xx xxx federal xxxxxxxxxx laws According xx the securities xxxxx it xxxxxxx xxxx when xxxxxxxxxx are liquidated xx the public, xx needs xx xx registered xxxx the SEC xxx that all xxx vital xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx and the xxxxxxx stock offering xx made xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx 3 A xxxxxx of terms xxx introduced xx xxxxx chapters xxxxx have implications xxx how we, xx individuals, xxxxxx xxx debt xxx payments Explain xxx differences between:a xxxxx cards xxx xxxxxx cards—which xxxxx you prefer xx use? Why?The xxxxxxx difference xxxxxxx x credit xxxx and a xxxxx card is xxxx the xxxxxx xx a xxxx that permits xx individual to xxxxxx money xxxxxxx x line xxxxxx The card xx employed to xxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxx reflect on xxx bill of x person xxxxx xxxxxx on xxx contrary, provides xxx convenience of xxxxxxx money xxxxxxxx xxxx a xxxxxxxx checking account xxxx a.....
Intro_to_customer_service.docx (20.56 KB)
Preview: lives xxx shapes xxx they make xxxxx decisions Values xxx belief xxx xxxx an xxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxx that people xxxx and xxxx xxx clients xxxx services from x business It xx essential xxx x business xx put into xxxxxxxxxxxxx the decisions xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx on xxxxx values and xxxxxxx (Perner, 2018) Businesses xxxx to xxxx xxxxxxx supporting xxx values of xxx customers To xxx this xxxx xxxxxxxx customers xxx hold high xxxxx in their xxxxx will xxxxxx xxxx to xx accorded high-value xxxxxxxx That is xx say xxxx xx a xxxxxxxx does not xxxxxxxxxx the needs xx these xxxxxxx xx is xxxxxxxx that such xxxxxxxxxx are likely xx lose xxxxx xxxxxxxxx People xxxx a high xxxxxx class have x given xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx their values xxx beliefs Consequently, xxxxxxxxxx also xxxx xx focus xx ensuring that xxx services that xxxx provide xxxxx xxxx with xxx needs of xxxxx individuals Additionally, xxxxxxxx belief xxxxx xx impact xx business in xxxx a client xxx hold xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx beliefs concerning x business, services xx the xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx It is, xxxxxxxxxx crucial for x business xx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx of their xxxxxxxxx so that xxxx can xx xx a xxxxxxxx to offer xxxx better services xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A xxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx customer belief xx the reviews xxxx Samsung xxxxxxx xxx due xx the issue xxxx Samsung galaxy xxxx seven xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxx fires The xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx created x xxxxxxxx belief xx.....
Intro_to_customer_service.docx (20.56 KB)
Preview: It xx advisable xx jump in xxx draw conclusions xxx customer xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx knows xxxxxxx they require xxxxxxxxxx and how x can xxxxx xxx same xxx example, if x am communicating xxxx a xxxxxxxx xxx has xxx hardship of xxxxxxxx I will xxxxx have xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx before speaking xxx best xxxxxxxx xxxx I xxxx use to xxx the attention xx the xxxxxxxx xxxx be xxxxxxx gentle touching xx the shoulder xx the xxxxxxxx xx waving xx hand If xxx customer cannot xxxx me xxxxxxxxxxx xxx best xxx of communication xxxx be through xxx use xx x pen xxx a paper xxx is customer xxxxxxxxxxxx management xxxxxxxx xxxxx used xx call centers xx Give an xxxxxxx Customer xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx software xx developed to xxxxxx all the xxxxxx in x xxxx center xx getting the xxxxx information and xxxxxxxxx concerning xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxx present customers xxx primary role xx to xxxx xxxx of xxx improvements in xxx general experience xx the xxxxxxxxx xx is xxxxxxxxxxxxx a desktop xxxxxxx that does xxxxxxxxx other xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx such xx the telephone xxx of the xxxxxxxx advantages xx xxxxx CRM xxxxxxxx is that xxx the call xxxxxxx can xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxx information of xxxxx various clients xxxxx is xx xxxxxxxx component xxx each organization xxxxxxxx 2016) Another xxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxx program xx that it xx possible to xxxxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxx if xxxxx at the xxxx time, hence xxxxxxxx the xxxxx xx misrouted xxxxx Customer relationship.....
Megan.docx (19.55 KB)
Preview: play x critical xxxx in helping xxx team members xx make xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx when xxxxxxxxx their services xxxxxxxx it will xx important xxx xxxxx to xxxxxx that onboarding xxxxxxxxx put in xxxxx clear xxxxxxxxxxx xx that xxx new members xxx are joining xxx team xxxxxxxxxx xxx culture xx the team xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Secondly, it xxxx be xxxxxxxxx xxx Megan xx create and xxxx traditions It xx visible xxxx xxxx a xxxx that is xxxxxxx by Megan xx often xxxxxx xx develop xxxx key traditions xxxx if not xxxxxxx followed, xxxx xxx get xxxx as the xxxx grows Since xxxxx is xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx members into xxx team, it xx important xx xxxxxx that xxx joining of xxxxx members will xxx lead xx xxx loss xx the traditions xx the team xxx rather xxxx xxxxxxx improving xxxx The culture xxxxx in the xxxx can xxxxxxx xx kept xxxxxxx the recognition xx the achievements xx the xxxxxxxx xxx their xxxxxxxxxxxxx Megan should xxxxxx this as xx integral xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx of the xxxx since it xxxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxx in xxxxxxxxx loyalty and xxxxxxxxxxxx among all xxx employees xxxxxxxxxxx xxx achievements xxx contributions that xxx made by xxx employees xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx shows care xxxx will helps xx keeping xxx xxxxxxx of xxx team effective xx all the xxxx If xxx xxxxx do xxx in the xxxxxxx of building xxxx cohesiveness, xxx xx the xxxx approaches to xxx in informing xxx manager xxxx xx will xx hard.....
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