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Economics for Foreign Policy Makers homework 1 and 2

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 09/14/2018
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  1. Economics in One Lesson Chapters 1-4


  1. There is no macroeconomics without microeconomics.  Evaluate this statement and what it matters for all policy considerations including international security and the spread of democratic institutions?
  2. How does international trade affect economic growth and comparative advantage?  Discuss the benefits and costs. How might increased trade with a rogue state or “enemy” change strategic relationships?

September 14, 2018   “Exchange and Prices”

Leonard Read, I, Pencil (">Link) (2 pages)

Russ Roberts:  “">Where do Prices come from?” (2 Pages)

Basic Economics Chapters 1-4 (pages 1-62)

Economic Freedom Executive Summary">

Examining the Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis on Political and Economic Freedom">


Thought Questions:

  • Why is it important and relevant that no one person can make a pencil?
  • What is the concept of interdependency and how does it apply to our daily lives?
  • What are the five pillars for measuring Economic Freedom?
  • What are some of the outcomes of Economic Freedom?
  • What is an emergent order and can it be made using policy changes?


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Economics for Foreign Policy Makers homework 1 and 2

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Preview: the xxxxxx in xx the economy xx seen on xxx other xxxxxxxx xxxxx (2016) xxxxxx that while xxxxxxxxxxxxxx makes use xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx makes use xx the bottom-up xxxxxxxx The xxxxx xx specific xxxxxxxxx that are xxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx awhile xxxx xxxx end xx rippling into xxx macroeconomics which xxxx involve xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx whole study xx this case, xx can xx xxxxxxx that xxx two exist xxxxxxxx and cannot xx separated xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx policy consideration xxxxxxxxx the international xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxx of xxx democratic institutions xxx be seen xx have xx xxxxxx on xxx macroeconomy Nonetheless, xxx macroeconomic will xxxxxx from xxx xxxxxxxxxx development xx the economic xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxx industry.....
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Preview: the xxxxxx in xxx market Precisely, xx one person xxxxxx have xxx xxx opportunity xx having the xxxxxx share the xxxxxxxxx could xxxxxx xxx to xxxxxxxx Gilbert (2018) xxxxxxx that when xxxxx is xx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxx market the xxxx producer of x certain xxxxxxx xxxx end xx making their xxx prices and xxxxx end xx xxxxxxxx challenges xx the consumers xxxxx these lines, xxx process xx xxxxxxxxxxx will xx attained if xxxxx are more xxxx one xxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx What is xxx concept of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxx it xxxxx to our xxxxx lives? Albert, xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxx adduce xxxx interdependence is x situation that xx event xx xx actor xxxxxx one another xxx interdependence can xx good xx xxx.....
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