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Thought It Was Safer than Starting His Own Business

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Assignment 4: Toward Sustainability? Tourism in the Republic of Cyprus Due Week 10 and worth 200 points Tourism has both a positive and negative impact on the local community. Many communities look toward tourism to bring strong economic growth and stability; however, often times, communities overlook the potential negative social, political, and environmental impact. For this assignment, refer to the case study titled “Towards Sustainability: Tourism in the Republic of Cyprus,” found in the Harris, L.C, & Husbands, W 1996 case book. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Provide an overview of the tourism activities in Cyprus prior to the contemporary development and planning of tourism. 2. Assess the economic, social, political, and environmental impact of tourism prior to the contemporary development and planning of tourism. State why proper tourism planning and development was needed. 3. Summarize the contemporary tourism planning process the government of Cyprus, the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO), and the World Tourism Organization (WTO) conducted and the effects of the plan. Critique the plan’s effectiveness and recommend what could have been done differently. 4. Recommend three (3) strategies for moving Cyprus toward sustainability with its tourism industry. 5. Conduct a financial analysis of the tourism industry in Cyprus today and a future projection of tourism demand for Cyprus. 6. Compare and contrast another coastal tourism destination with Cyprus and differentiate its approach to the development and planning of tourism. 7. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.
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Thought It Was Safer than Starting His Own Business

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Tutorial Preview …Also, xxxxx are xxxxxxxxx signed between xxx owning business xx well xx xxx franchise xxxxx In real xxxxx it is xxx owner xxx xxxx most…
Thought_It_Was_Safer_than_Starting_His_Own_Business_(1).docx (34.25 KB)
Preview: to xxx the xxxxxxxx works This xxx happen with xxxx those xxxxxx xxx have xxxxxxx watched how xxx industry has xxxxxx And xxxxx xxxxxxx is x good enough xxxx to be xxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxx requirements xxx needed He xx retired: Besides xxxxxx such xxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx industry the xxxx that he xx also xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx to look xx This is xxxxxxx it xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxx is free xxxx the responsibilities xx life xxx xxxxx be xxxx to dedicate xxxxxx time that xx needed xxxxx xx set xx the business xxx then later xx run xx xxx earning xxxxx Having retired xxxx means that, xxx person xx xxxx from xxx side of xxx family matters xxxx looking xxx xxx children xxxxx a person xxxxxxx only after xxxxxxxx 50 xxxxx xx age xxxx is able xx put in xxxxxxxxxxx Because xx xxx shares xx the company xxxx he used xx work xxx xxxx for xxxxxx One of xxx requirements of xxxxxxxxx business xx xxxx the xxxxxx party should xx able to xxxx some xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx This xxxxx is used xxx keeping as x safety xxxxx xxx then xxxx money is xxxx needed for xxxxxxx up xxx xxxxxx infrastructure xxxx these things xxx required by xxxx and xxxxx xx is xxx repair business, xxx need for xxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xxx of xxx capacities that xxxx has is.....
jet_copies.docx (19.31 KB)
Preview: losses x The xxxxxxxxx loss is xxxxxx 3 So xx decide xxxx xxxx should xxx a backup xxxxxx Although the xxxxxxxxxx method xx xxxxxx accurate, xx simulation method xxxxx if a xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xx not xxxxxxxx to it xx we should xxxx simulated xxxx xxxxxx loss xxx say 10000 xxxxxx then we xxxxx get xx xxxx about xxx distribution of xxxxxx loss, which xxxxxxxxxx helped xx xx answer xxxx question more xxxxxxxxxxxx as in xxxx case xx xxx actually xxxx the probability xx yearly loss xxxxx 12000 xx xxxx Even xx we could xx so, then xx face xxxxx xxxxxxx problem xx simulation studies xxxx of Noisy xxxx : xxx xxxx data xx have here xx distributional assumptions .....
simulation.xlsx (13.74 KB)
Preview: lost(in xxxxxxxxxxx total xxxxxxx.....
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