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Math problems for neel only

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Subject: Mathematics
Due on: 09/02/2013
Posted On: 09/02/2013 12:51 PM

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 Here are the math problems that I need corrections on can u please have these done before midnight tonight please.

Problem # 9 = Consider a company that selects employees for random drug test. The company uses a computer to randomly select employee numbers that range from 1 - 6,472. Find the probability of selecting a number less than 1000. Find the probability of selecting a number greater than 1000. =...

Problem # 28 = Perform the indicated calculation. 7C4/12C4 Round to the nearest thousandth as needed.= ...

Problem # 14 Use the pie chart at right which shows the number of workers ( in thousands) by industry for a certain country. Find the probability that a worker chosen at random was not employed in services industry. SERVICES= 114,589.   Manufacturing= 16,008.  Mining and construction= 11,611 and  Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting is 2510.

Problem # 31= A golf course architect has five linden trees, three white birch trees and two bald cypress trees to plant in a row by a fairway. In how many ways can the landscaper plant the trees in a row assuming that the trees are evenly spaced.?= 

The other 2 problems that you need to look over are problems 32 and 33 because they aren't right either but the problem didn't change because I didn't do the problem more than twice so it wouldn't change.

Tags neel problems math trees problem number probability problems right industry need selecting 0 change random plant services didnt company 114589nbspnbsp fishing hunting golf 1 forestry 2 construction mining course manufacturing agriculture andnbsp 16008nbsp

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Math problems

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Preview: Mining xxx construction= xxxxxx and Agriculture, xxxxxxxxx fishing and xxxxxxx is xxxx xxxxx no xx people = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =144718People who xxx not xxxxxxxx xx services xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = 30129/144718 xx 208Problem # xxx A xxxx xxxxxx architect xxx five linden xxxxxx three white xxxxx trees xxx xxx bald xxxxxxx trees to xxxxx in a xxx by x xxxxxxx In xxx many ways xxx the landscaper xxxxx the xxxxx xx a xxx assuming that xxx trees are xxxxxx.....
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