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Human Resource Strategy

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You work for a HR consulting company and an organization (just like the one in which you currently work, have worked, or have access to) has hired your firm to conduct

an HRM analysis and make recommendations to better align HR practices to the key business initiatives of the company. In order to accomplish the goal:

1. Analyze the organization and develop a set of HRM practices based upon textbook illustrations and figures. You will develop an 8-10 page research paper (not

including the title and reference pages) modeling one or more of the illustrations from the course text. Your paper should also:

  • Identify the firm’s history, strategy, market position, and specific area of alignment.
  • Provide job pricing and compensation package.
  • Describe and analyze the current and targeted work processes as well as the respective knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required achieving the organization’s objectives.
  • Incorporate a discussion of relevant technology considerations to achieve work output in the context of the organization’s goals.
  • Provide a discussion of the labor market and the appropriate labor law context. Identification of companies that are preparing to address the changes.
  • Prescribe a set of HRM recommendations, specifically tailored for the selected firm, consisting of choices from the 19 dimension of an HRM system presented in Chapter 3 of the course text.
  • Describe other HRM issues as applicable

2. In addition to the requirements above, your paper:

  • Must be double-spaced and 12 point font
  • Must be formatted according to APA style
  • Must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement
  • Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph
  • Must reference at least eight scholarly resources
  • Must include a reference page written in APA format

Dreher, G., & Dougherty, T. (2002). Human resource strategy: A behavioral perspective for the general managerBoston, MA : McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN 0256211892

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HRM Practices for Krosher Research

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Tutorial Preview …Introduction xxxxxxx Research xxxxxxx Limited is x leading consultant xxxxxxx…
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Preview: characteristics, xxx the xxxxx requirements Now xx we look xx this xxxxxxx xx notice xxxx it works xxx have operations xxx just xx xxx but xxxx in other xxxxxxxxx like India, xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxx One xxx to understand xxxx each of xxxxx markets xxxx xxxx separate xxxx in each xx these countries xxx the xxx xxxxx are xxxxxxx by the xxxxxx and everyone xx also xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Thus, xxx most important xxxxx is to xxxxx understand xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx them The xxxxxx important step xx the xxxxxxx xxx to xxx the case xxxxxxxxx and see xxxx instances xxx xxxxxxx situations xxx how were xxxxx handled Once, xxx understanding xxxxxxx xx complete xx will focus xx what all xxx how xxx xxxxx knowledge xx the labor xxxxxx will be xxxx for xxx xxxx interest xx the company xxx its individuals xx it xx xx will xxxxx on that xxxx in the xxxx step xxxxxxx xxx aspect xx labor is xxxxx workforce Strategic xx takes xx xx the xxxx level by xxxxxxx companies on xxx to xxxxxx xxx workforce xx drive results xxx build its xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx culture xx xxxx creates x compelling employment xxxxx that helps xx attract xxx xxxxxx In xxxx case, the xx needs to xxx processes xxx xxxxxxxxxx in x place that xx ensure there xx no xxxxxx xxxxxxxx in xxx company in xxxxx of the xxx the xxxx xx allocated xx the way xxxxxxxxx are reviewed xxx HR xxxx xx any xxxxxxxxxxxx to be xxxxxxxxxx a company’s xxx practices xxx xxxxxxxxxx including xxxxxxxxxxx selection, development, xxxxxxxxxxx and rewards xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxx to xx aligned with xxx company’s business xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxx if xx look at xxx world we xxxx realize xxxx xxx governments xxxxxx the world xxx stressing on xxxx fact xxxx xxx stressing xx have policies xxx plans that, xxxxxxx more xxxxx xxxx responsibilities xx President Barak xxxxx highlighted the xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xx women xx 2009 and xx appointed MelanneVerveer xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxx Women’s Issues xxxx is an xxxxxxxxx position xxx xx recognizes xxx critical importance xx women to xxxxxxxx growth, xxxxxx xxx prosperity xxxxxxxxx it also xxxxx to integrate xxxxxxxxx issues xxxx xxx U x government’s foreign xxxxxx This step xx certainly xx x big xxxx by the xx in this xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxxx encourage xxxxxxxxx and organizations xxxxxx the world xx empower xxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx their importance xx the economic xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxx country The xxxxx suggest that xxxxxx women xxxxxxxxx xxxxx improve xxx performance of xxx company Sample xxxxx 32 xxxxxxx xxx of xxx U S xxxxxxxxxx Act, it xx required xxxx xxxxx federal xxxxxx regulating the xxxxxxxxx services industry xxxxxx ensure xxxx xx is xxxxxxxxx its own xxxxxxxxx and advancement xx women xxx xxx also xxxxxxxxxxxx that these xxxxxxxx monitor the xxxxxxxx toward xxxxx xxxxx of xxx financial institutions xxxx.....
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