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The 4 basic categories of Business Buyers

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1.Name the 4 basic categories of Business Buyers

2.A company's position statement describes that its target customers are retirees traveling for leisure. As the marketing team begins the process of generating a marketing mix, what should they frequently refer to as their draft their message?

Select one:

a. Use the positioning statement to check the implementation direction for each part of the marketing mix.

b. Use the positioning statement to drive only the promotion portion of the marketing mix.

c. Use the positioning statement to shape the company's long-term sales strategy.

3.Identify all of the activities and areas a marketer must monitor in order to measure the impact of a new or repositioned marketing campaign:

Select one or more:

a. Twitter posts, number of YouTube video viewings, Facebook impressions

b. company product development cycles, company product innovation numbers

c. sales, revenue, customer satisfaction, new leads generated

4.A fruit stand marketer has gathered marketing information about a rival fruit stand by reading their advertisements, checking out their website, and looking at what other similar fruit stands have opened their area. This is known as:

Select one:

a. internal data

b. pricing strategy

c. competitive intelligence

5.A leading brand evoking a favorable or disagreeable emotional or mental association with it is the definition of:

Select one:

a. brand loyalty

b. brand name

c. brand equity

6.How does a marketer demonstrate respect for target customers?

Select one:

a. by treating competitors with respect and learning from their marketing approaches

b. by being available to customers to hear their praise and their complaints

c. by demonstrating high personal standards in business relationships

7.The marketing campaign for a retirement facility focused its efforts on married middle class Baby Boomers (people who were born between 1946-1964). Which personal factors did the marketers use to focus their campaign?

Select one:

a. socialization and motivation

b. demographic and life stage

c. complex market offerings

8.With the variety of ways to conduct primary research, what does a company need to considered to conduct primary research in a most effective manner?

Select one:

a. reports and studies from government resources

b. resources, timing, and budget

c. industry reports and trade association data sources

9.One of the characteristics of secondary research is that:

Select one:

a. it is time consuming.

b. the data is collected for another purpose.

c. it is work intensive.

d. it is relatively expensive.

e. it is tailored to the research at hand.

10.Packaging has to fulfill a number of important functions, choose the one that doesn't support the packaging function

Select one:

a. communicating the brand and its benefits

b. protecting the product from damage and contamination during shipping and tampering once in the retail outlet

c. Offer comparisons to other products

d. prevent leakage of the contents

e. presenting government-required warning and information label

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The 4 basic categories of Business Buyers

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