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macro economic analysis

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 08/31/2013
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All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing.

(1200 words)Your mission is to identify the major factor influencing world affair by performance a macro economic analysis using PESTEL.

At least 5 journal articles to support the ideas in your report.
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Macro-Economic Analysis

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Preview: gambling xxx high xxxxxxxxxx TVs etc xxx the business xx the xxxxx xxxx taken xxxxxxxxx of technology xxx started using xxxxxx shopping, xxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx aided designing xx their business xxxx use xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx it xxxxxxx their costs, xxxx them platform xxx innovation xxx xxxx help xxxxxxxx to improve xxxxx quality Overall xxxxxxxxxx benefits xxxx xxx firms xxx consumers Environmental xxxxxxxx This factor xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxx climate xxxxxx Temperature changes xxx impacts many xxxxxxxxxx like xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx Now this xxxxxx is gaining xxxx importance xxxxx xxxxx due xx rapidly changing xxxxxxx due to xxxxxx warming xxxxxx xxx transportation xxxxxxxx is concerned xxxx the protection xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxx they xxxx to use xxxx environmentally friendly xxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxx business xxxxxxxxxxxxx Legal factors: xxxxx are the xxxxx environment xx xxxxx the xxxxx operates Worldwide xxxx firms have xxxx through xxxx xxxxxxx due xx changes in xxx legal setting xx particular xxxxxxx xxxxxxx legal xxxxxxx like age xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and disability xxxxxxxxxxxxxx legislation xxx xxxxxxx changes xx the firms xx take appropriate xxxxxxx The xxxxx xxxxxxx can xx affected by xxxxx factors It xxx also xxxxxx xxx demand xxx the firm’s xxxxxxxx in the xxxxxx Different xxxxx xx law xxxxxxxxxxxx laws which xxxxxxxx the consumers xxxxx from xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Competition xxxxx which protects xxxxxxx firms from xxx bullying xx xxxxxx firms xxx also protect xxx consumer from.....
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