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post eng110 Unit 6 Assignment Argumentative Writing Assignment Outline latest 2017 october

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Unit 6 Assignment- Argumentative Writing Assignment – Outline

For the Descriptive and Evaluative Writing Assignments you submitted in Unit 2 and 4,

you selected one of the topics below and described your personal experience with it.

Then, you evaluated an advertisement dealing with one of these topics. Now, you will

create an outline for your Argumentative Writing Assignment.

The outline must include your plan for answering the research question associated with

the topic you select below:

1. Competitive Sports

a. Why or why not should children participate in competitive sports?

2. Technology Dependency

a. Why or why not has American society become too dependent on


3. Standardized Testing

a. How effective is standardized testing in predicting how well students will

do in school?

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your plan for your Argumentative Writing

Assignment. Your outline should include:

Thesis Question and Answer

Begin with the question you selected above. Then, answer the question with a working

thesis statement that features the specific topics of your outline.

Outline of Supporting Paragraphs

Please do not include full paragraphs here. Rather, outline the body paragraphs. In your

outline, include at least two points that support your thesis statement as well as one

point that will address the counterargument (the other side of your argument).

In the outline, include the names of the three scholarly and academic articles that you

will be using in your essay and indicate where they will appear in your supporting

paragraphs. You should also include a reference page with an entry for each article.

Utilize the library resources to find sources for your essay.

ENG110 – College Writing

Argumentative Writing Assignment- Outline

Sample Outline Format

You may use this as a guide to formatting the outline. Please keep in mind that you will

have to fully explain each of the areas highlighted below in your outline.

Thesis Question

Thesis Statement

Outline of Supporting Paragraphs

A. Supporting Paragraph Topic 1

a. Explanation of Topic

b. Evidence

B. Supporting Paragraph Topic 2

a. Explanation of Topic

b. Discussion of Countargument

c. Evidence

C. Supporting Paragraph Topic 3

a. Explanation of Topic

b. Evidence

References page

Additional Guidlines

Follow these additional guidelines when completing this assignment:

• Include a minimum of three APA in-text citations for the three sources you plan to

use in the outline

• Include an APA reference page with a minimum of three entries

• Include an APA title page

• Include a running head

• Be objective and avoid using “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” or “us.

• Be sure to use the Writing Tips page to help with your APA formatting and other

resources provided in previous units of this course.

• Use your sources to support your thesis statement and argument, but make sure

to show the reader the other side of your argument to avoid being biased.

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post eng110 Unit 6 Assignment Argumentative Writing Assignment Outline latest 2017 october

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