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post eng110 Unit 4 Assignment Evaluative Writing latest 2017 october

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Due on: 10/17/2017
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Unit 4 Assignment- Evaluative Writing

In this evaluation, you will be considering an advertisement that pertains to one

of the subjects below:

1. Competitive Sports

o Nike. (2016, October 25). Come out of nowhere. [video file]. Retrieved


2. Technology Dependency

o Apple. (2016, September 29). iPhone 7 – balloons. [video file]. Retrieved


3. Standardized Testing

o Kaplan SAT & ACT Prep. (2017, April 4). Do students who ace AP

courses have the advantage in college admissions? [video file].

Retrieved from

The advertisement should be cited in your essay in proper APA format with in-text

citations and a reference. Then, you will need to evaluate the advertisement for these


• Portrayal of Subject

o How effectively is the subject portrayed? How realistic is that portrayal?

• Design Elements

o How well designed was the advertisement? Consider the graphics used on the advertisement. Why or why not do those graphics interest the viewer?

• Message

o What message specifically was the advertisement created to give? Why or why not does it deliver that message effectively? Finally, how well does

ENG110 – College Writing

Evaluative Writing Assignment

the advertisement sell the product to the audience?

Essay Requirements

• You are writing an evaluation, not an argument essay. The purpose of an evaluation is to objectively evaluate the subject. In the evaluation, you should begin with an introduction that sets up the subject you are evaluating. A thesis statement that highlights your overall evaluation should be placed at the end of the introduction.

• The body of your essay should be 2-3 pages in length. You should also include a title page and a reference page. The whole essay (with the title and reference page) should be 4-5 pages in total.

• Make sure that you consider all aspects of the evaluation in the body paragraphs, specifically portrayal of the subject, design elements, and the overall message.

• If you directly quote from the video, follow this formatting: (Company, year, time).

• To remain objective, “I” should not be used in this assignment. Each section should be one full paragraph. Keep in mind that if you are referencing the article, you will need an in-text citation and a reference page.

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post eng110 Unit 4 Assignment Evaluative Writing latest 2017 october

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