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post eng110 unit 1 discussion latest 2017 october

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Subject: English
Due on: 10/17/2017
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Unit 1 discussion


Welcome to English 110! . Since we are not available to chat face-to-face, you can introduce yourself in this first discussion board about the concept of home..

Pico Iyer gave a TED Talk about this concept called Where is Home. Please watch the video. He makes the argument that people now travel and may have many homes. Home for Iyer has become more of a feeling than necessarily a specific place.

Watch Video

Pico Iyer: Where is home?

User: n/a - Added: 7/17/13

YouTube URL:

For your initial post-

In one paragraph please answer this question: What is one place that you have travelled to that has felt like home for you? Please describe that place using the senses. Including what you see, what you hear, what something feels like (physical touch), what something smells like, and what something tastes like.

In a second paragraph please share a story with the class of an experience you had in this place. Try to also use description and the five senses to make this story come alive for your classmates.

When you write using the senses to describe a place or an experience, you are using descriptive writing. This is the first writing style that we are exploring in this course. We will examine this style in more detail in Unit 2.

For your peer responses-

Consider the places that your classmates described and their stories. Did you feel like you were there with your classmates at this place? Could any details have been added to the description? Did you want any more sensory description in their posts?

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post eng110 unit 1 discussion latest 2017 october

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Tutorial Preview …discussion xxxxxx 2017…
post_eng110_unit_1_discussion_latest_2017_october.docx (44.56 KB)
Preview: homeAuthor: xxx Lincoln xxxxxx Date: August xxx 2017 11:11 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx consider xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxx my home xxxx from home xx trip xx xxxxx Hawaii xxxxxxxx in July xxxxx due to x Military xxxx xxxx Alaska xxxxxxxxx I chose xxxxxx as my xxxx duty xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxx tired of xxx weather in xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx more xxxxx and tropical xxxx Liberia--my homeland xx was xx x hot xxxxxx afternoon, feeling xxxxxxx and elated, x deplaned xxxx x congested xxxxxxxx into the xxxxxxxx sunlight, and xxx suddenly xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx of asphalt xxxx an ongoing xxxxxxxxxxxx work xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx I chose xxx to hold xx breath xxx xxxxxxxxxx inhaled xxx unexpected aroma xx paradise While xxxxxxxxx to x xxxxxxxx I xxx created a xxx earlier, I xxxxxx towards xxx xxxxxxxx liaison’s xxxxxx with a xxxxx duffel bag xx my xxxx xx await xxx shuttle to xx new duty xxxxxxxx My xxxxx xxx weeks xx Hawaii were xxxxxx with humdrum xxxxx my xxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx Cultural Center x decided to xxxx it x xxxx because x soldier had xxxxxxxx me during xxx ride xxxx xxx airport xxxx it was xxx of the xxxxxxxx attractions xx xxx island xxxx arrival, women xxxxxxx tan sunhats, xxxxx traditional xxxxxxxxxx xxx blue xxxxxxxx dresses greeted xxx directed me xx the xxxxxxxx xx I xxxxxxxxx to make xx way through x mob xx xxxxxxxx The xxxx to the xxxxx event felt xxxxxxx Hearing xxx xxxxxxxxx sounds xx birds chirping, xxxxxxx water under x makeshift xxxxxxx xxx canoe xxxx to the xxxxx event brought xxxx memories xx xx childhood xxxxxxx The festivities xxxxx with a xxxxx ride xx x narrator xxxxxxxxx the creation xx the island xxxxxx the xxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx I had xxxxx an entire xxxxx bowl xx xxxxxx papaya, xxx pineapple (laced xxxx vanilla ice xxxxx and xxxx xxxxx cherries) xx was the xxxxxxxx thing I’d xxx since xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxx sat under x tree to xxxxxx the xxxx xx the xxxxxx sun from xxxxxxx down on xx as x xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx from the xxxxxxx Polynesian ethnicities xxxxx None xxxxx xxxxx Mark xx ReadThread:Unit 1Post:RE: xxxx 1Author: Jamie xxxxx Posted xxxxx xxxxxx 31, xxxx 10:54 PMStatus:PublishedGayle, x can definitely xxxxxx to xxxx xxxxx The xxx you described xxxx part of xxxxxxxxxx was xxxxxxxxx x have xxxx to Fresno xxx really enjoyed xxx experience xxxxx xx crazy xxx we can xx not so xxxxxxxxx at xxx xxxxx but xxx lasting impression xx has on xx in xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Reply xxxxx Mark as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IntroAuthor: Jamie xxxxx Posted xxxxx xxxxxx 31, xxxx 10:51 PMStatus:PublishedTobyI xxxxxxxx wish I xxxxxxxx feel xxxx x was xxxxx with you xxxxxxxx I was xx brother xxxx xxxxxx and xxx in Iraq xx between your xxxxx and xxxx xx his, x definitely felt xxxx I was xxxxx You xxxx xxxx descriptive xxx elaborate You xxx a great xxx Thanks xxx xxxxxxx our xxxxxxx Tags: None xxxxx Quote Mark xx ReadThread:IntroPost:IntroAuthor: xxxx xxxxxxxx Posted xxxxx August 31, xxxx 9:57 PMStatus:PublishedHello xxxxxxxxxx I x.....
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