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MKTG340 Week 5 Quiz Latest 2017 September

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Subject: Marketing
Due on: 10/16/2017
Posted On: 10/16/2017 07:02 AM

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Question 1

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(TCO 3) The Four I’s of Internet marketing include

information-driven, intuitive.

integrated, immediate.

involving, interactive.

Question 2

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(TCO 3) Objectives of a direct-response marketing program can include


generating sales leads.

creating awareness of a product or service.

developing brand image.

Question 3

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(TCO 3) True statements about testing in the Internet environment are

testing requires a substantial amount of marketing research.

testing provides information that is not ordinarily available to marketers in the mass media environment.

All of the above

Question 4

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(TCO 3) Important characteristics of a direct-response offer include

always having a purchase as the objective.

deferred action on the part of the prospective customer.

a clear call to action.

Question 5

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(TCO 3) A true statement about spam on the Internet is

most users are indifferent to the presence of spam.

fewer users say they are receiving spam today.

some users are reducing their use of e-mail as a result of spam.

Question 6

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(TCO 3) The term used to describe the expressed willingness of consumers to receive further promotional material from the marketer is




Question 7

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(TCO 3) Steps in developing an e-mail campaign include

borrowing an inexpensive e-mail list.

measuring the results of the campaign.

finding out what copy is available in company files.

Question 8

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(TCO 3) Which choice below best represents why direct e-mail marketing is superior to direct mail?

Faster, higher response rate, better list

Faster, cheaper, better tracking

Faster, higher response rate, cheaper

Question 9

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(TCO 4) _____ is the development of web pages in a manner that is friendly to search engine spiders.




Question 10

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(TCO 4) A search engine determines rank on its results pages by

vote of its users.

secret algorithms.

open source algorithms.

Question 11

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(TCO 4) Types of search include

local search.

vertical search.

All of the above

Question 12

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(TCO 4) Where do organic, or natural, search rankings appear on a search results page?

At the bottom of the page

At the far right of the page

To the left underneath the paid search terms

Question 13

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(TCO 4) Social media marketing campaigns

can be designed to go viral.

need to be developed with a specific target market in mind.

are impossible to measure.

Question 14

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(TCO 4) All marketers should

have a Facebook page.

actively consider the use of social media in their marketing programs.

switch to exclusively marketing on social media.

Question 15

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(TCO 4) Marketing effectiveness and ease of use of social platforms tends to be

negatively related to one another.

positively related to one another.

there is no relationship between effectiveness and ease of use.

Question 16

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(TCO 4) Marketers find that communicating with people on social networks

is similar to advertising in other channels.

requires communications that are responsive and trustworthy.

is often constrained by the rules of the social network.

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