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sex trafflicking/ human trafflicking

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hi, I was recommended by my mother friend and looking for someone that could write college literature review paper for me. How much would it cost and i'm do it on Human trafflicking/sex trafficking. Its criminal justice class

Write a literature review on one of the following transnational criminal activities: drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, trafficking in counterfeit goods, transnational cybercrime, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, transnational sex crimes, transnational environmental crime, or transnational money laundering. Limit your paper topic to one or more subareas of one of the 9 subject areas listed in the previous sentence. Limit your topic by market, one subtype of good / service, one stage of the production process (Matthew S. Jenner’s chapter in the Reichel and Albanese textbook is a good example of how to do this), and/or one span of time; if you can’t find enough to discuss one subtopic, then you can expand the scope of your paper to two or more subtopics, but the subtopics should be related so that your paper discusses a unified subject matter.

You must discuss at least 10 sources in your paper. One of the sources must be the chapter in the Reichel and Albanese textbook that corresponds to your paper topic. The other sources must come from a) Sims Library collection; b) Criminal Justice Periodicals, Academic Search Complete, or both databases (use peer reviewed sources); or c) the bibliography of one of the chapters in the Reichel and Albanese textbook. You must use the author-date system to refer to your sources; every source that is referred to in the paper must be listed in the reference list at the end of the paper. The reference list must not include any sources that are not discussed at least briefly in the paper.

The literature review must be 8 – 12 pages long. It must be typed double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font, and the margins must be one inch on all four sides of the paper. The literature review must be submitted through Moodle as a word processing file in .rtf, .doc, or .docx format. Your grade will be reduced by 5 percent if one or more of the conditions regarding type font, size, and spacing, margins, and type of computer file are not met.

In the main body of your paper, you should discuss who is involved in making the illegal business that you are discussing happen, whether as a supplier or demander or in some other role. Also discuss how the illicit good or service gets from the initial supplier to the demander, what are the relevant factors that enable or empower the supplier to satisfy the demand, where the market or markets are located, and when did the market emerge. If any of the authors you cite discuss relevant theories of transnational crime (i.e., why the illegal business exists), you should discuss them. Also, discuss how the type(s) of available data or lack of data is an issue that affects research into your topic.

The point of a literature review is to answer the question, “What question do people who are researching this topic need to answer next?” In order to answer that question, of course, one needs to see what questions we have already answered. A good literature review tells us that; and by doing so, it points the way forward. So the conclusion of your literature review should both summarize the major findings of previous research on your topic and suggest what remains to be done.

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sex trafflicking/ human trafflicking

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Human_Trafficking.docx (25.25 KB)
Preview: dominated xxxxxxxxx have xxxxxxxxxxx largely as xxx origins and xxxxxxx of xxx xxx human xxxxxxxxxxx These have xxxxxx extremely profitable xxxxxxxxxxxxx even xxxxxx xx might xx considered a xxxx unlawful form xx employment xxxxxxxx xxxxx Organizations xxx human rights’ xxxxxxxxxxxx have also xxxx a xxxxxx xx things xx make sure xxxx they help xx the xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxx who become xxxxxxx of xxx xxx human xxxxxxxxxxx (Ginty, 2012) xx this regard, xxxxxxxxxxx have x xxxxxx common xxxxx of view xxxx even though xxxxx institutions xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx have xxxxxxxxxx themselves as xxx ones in xxxxxxx it xxx xxxx a xxxx challenging journey xxxxxxxxxx because they xxxx failed xx xxx on xxxx and control xxx cases of xxxxx trafficking xx xxxxxxx parts xxxxxx the world xx his research, xxxxx (2012) xxxxx xxxx no xxxxxxx is safe xxxx slavery; he xxxxxxx explains xxxx xxxx though xx is an xxxxxxx activity across xxx the xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx some cultures xxx societies do xxx have x xxxxx problem xxx they have xxxxxxxxx it as xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxx On xxx side, Ginty xxxxxx clearly states xxxx several xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxx have no xxxxxxx with sex xxxxxxxxxxx because xxxx xxxx benefit xxxx it and xxxx cannot really xxxxxxx their xxxxxxxxx xxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx that have xxxx the involvement xx senior xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx from xxxxxx the whole xxxxx thus making xx a xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx in most xx the countries xx most xx xxx poor xxxxxxxxxx there are xxxxxxx and very xxxxxxxxx governments xxxx xxxx end xx condoning some xx these acts xxxx leading xx xxx growth xx such illegal xxxxxxxxxx in most xxxxxxxxxxx Similar xxxxxxxxxx xxx shared xx Moser (2012) xxxxxx that sex xxxxxxxxxxx is xx xxxxxxxx whose xxxx roots are xxxxxx to very xxxxxx people xx xxxx of xxx governments in xxx countries where xxxx practice xx xxxxx very xxxxxx The profits xxxxxxxxx from sex xxxxxxxxxxx are xxx xxxx better xxxx those generated xxxx the trafficking xx weapons xxxxx xxxxx things xxxxxxxxxxx have been xxxx in an xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx and stop xxx trafficking Most xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx that xx is important xxx apparent that xxxxxx awareness xx xxxx through xxxxxxxxxxxxx and institutions xx as to xxxx sex xxx xxxxx trafficking xxxxxxx 2010) Similar xxxxxxxxxx are shared xx Logan xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that xx would be xxxxxxxxxxx to use xxx global xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx as xxxx as imposing xx severe laws xxx regulations xxxx xxx met xx punishment for xxx people involved xx such xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx (2012), the xxxxx against human xxx sex xxxxxxxxxxx xxx for x long time xxxxxxxx institutions and xxxxxxxxxx agencies; xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx making xxxxxxxxxxxxx as well xx majority of xxx agencies xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx within xxx United States xxxxxxx government Schools xxx learning xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx developing xxxxxxxx and curriculums xxxx are discussing xxx talking xxxxx xxx trafficking xxx prostitution and xxx disadvantages thus.....
Human_Trafficking_(2).docx (25.39 KB)
Preview: women xxx children xxx forced into xxxxxx harassment for xxx purpose xx xxxxxx money xxx other selfish xxxxxxxx Pornography, sexual xxxxxxxxxxx among xxxxx xxx girls, xx well as xxxxxxxxxxxx are all xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxx exploitation xxxxxxx 2009) Thousands xx women and xxxxx land xxxx xxx hands xx the traffickers xxxxx year either xxxx their xxxx xxxxxxx or xxxx the foreign xxxxxxxxx Every country xxxxxx the xxxxx xx affected xx sex/human trafficking xxxxxx as a xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx country xx a destination xx the victims xxx victims xx xxx trafficking xxx often moved xxxxxx the borders xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx wish; xxx government of xxx US estimates xxxxx 800,000 xx xxxxxxx victims xx human trafficking xxxxxx illegally across xxx borders xxxxx xxxx (Moser, xxxxx Some of xxx children and xxxxx are xxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxx own countries xxxxx the victims xxxxxxxxxxx across xxx xxxxxxx have xxxxx passports confiscated xxx they are xxxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxxxx and xxxxx forms of xxxxxxxxxxxx It is xxxx worse xx xxxx that xxxxx victims are xxxxx to countries xxxxx they xx xxx understand xxx local language xxxxx thus making xx difficult xx xxxxx their xxxxx (Reichel & xxxxxxxxx 2013) The xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxx sexual xxxxxxxxxxx are left xxxx no option xxx to xxxxx xxxxxx on xxxxx captors; the xxxxxxx do not xxxx food, xxxx xx not xxxx money, the xxxx accommodation as xxxx as xxxxxxx xxx ways xx survival thus xxx only option xx to xxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx on the xxxxxxx of their xxxxxxx (David, xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxx trafficking have xxxx aided by xxxxxxx governments xxx xxxx with xxx traffickers In xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx be xxxxxxxxxx with police xxx legal actions xxxx they xxx xxxxxx to xxxx in case xxxx escape in x foreign xxxx xxxxxxxx 2007) xx the same xxxxx the government xxx the xxxxxx xxxxx to xx working with xxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxx such xxxx xx they xxxxxxx the victims xx be on xxxxxxx they xxx xxxxx returned xx taken back xx their captors xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 2012)It xx also common xxxxx that these xxxxxxx face xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx abuse in xxx hands of xxxxx captors xxx xxxxxx who xxx full of xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxx (Ginty, xxxxx Reichel & xxxxxxxxx 2013) Researchers xxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxx been reported xx the several xxxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx In xxxx countries like xxxxx Arabia, for xxxxxxxxx it xx xxxx that xxxx of the xxxxxxx for their xxxxxx are xxxxxxxx xxx are xxxxx there with xxx promises of xxxxxx jobs xx xxxx as x change in xxx living standards xxxx might xx xxxx while xx lasts, however, xx the hands xx the xxxxxxxx xxx victims xxxx complained that xxx their efforts xx free xxxx xxxxx bondages xxxx met stronger xxxxxxxxxx that has xxxx involved xxxx xx blackmail xxxxxxx 2009) Sometimes xxx victims are xxxxxxx that xxxx xxx the xxxxxx certain amounts xx money and xx order xx xxxxxxxx these xxx clear the xxxxxx they must xx ready xx xxxxx.....
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