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PHI 445 Week 5 Final Paper Case Study Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values

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You are an ethnographic researcher writing a case study for a popular organizational behavior research journal. Your purpose is to identify key problems related to business ethics in a Not-for-Profit and For- Profit organization. The personal perspective of the researcher is clearly discussed in the research focus. Hence, your analysis will compare three ethical perspectives: your ethical perspective, one Not-for-Profit ethical perspective, and one For-Profit ethical perspective and draw comparisons across an array of social conditions. Your objective: to evaluate differences and similarities in ethical perspectives between the three entities as a function of subjects taken from the chapters in your course text. Follow these steps to help form your case study:

1. Analyze all the data collected from your weekly Journal Activities.

2. Create the Case Study, using the Case Study Checklist as a guide. Post the case study to the appropriate in-box no later than Week Five, Day 7.

The final case study paper must be at least ten pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least ten scholarly sources, six of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar in your online course.

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PHI 445 Week 5 Final Paper

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