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What Different Religions Form the Basis of the Okinawan Religion?

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Due on: 10/08/2017
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I will need a 4 or 5 page paper that answers the following question: What Different Religions Form the Basis of the Okinawan Religion? My professor is a stickler for in-text citations, proper references and original work. The two websites below must be integrated into the paper in some way with proper citations. This is a Japanese and Culture class. She is a big plagiarism buff with in text citations and the in text citations must match the references.">">

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What Different Religions Form the Basis of the Okinawan Religion?

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Tutorial Preview …Form xxx Basis…
What_Different_Religions_Form_the_Basis_of_the_Okinawan_Religion.docx (24.5 KB)
Preview: The xxxx priestesses xxx the local xxxxxxxxx leaders often xxxxxxxx with xxx xxxxxx to xxxxx their prayers xx the most xxxxxx places xxxx xxxx named xxx Utaki (Nakamura, xxxxx The Japanese xxxxxxxxx culture xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxx places created xxx they believed xxxx the xxxxxx xxxx heaven xxxxx come down xx these holly xxxxxx to xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxx The Okinawan xxxxxxxx would xxx xxxxxx from xxxxxx the villages xxxxxx at the xxxxxx places xx xxxxx their xxxxxxx for peace, xxxxx thanksgiving, good xxxxxxx prosperity, xxx xxxx other xxxxxxxxx (Lagerwey et xx , 2015) xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxx places xx prayers had xxxxxxx natural features xxxx the xxxxxx xxxxx and x sacred stone xxxx was the xxxx feature xx xxx Utaki xxx Okinawan religion xxx not need xxx temples, xxxxxxx xx even xxxxxxxx to have xxxxx prayers offered xxx given xx xxx almighty xxxxxxx they were xxxxxxx with the xxxxxx that xxxx xxxxxxx their xxxxxxx and it xxx their belief xxxx their xxxxxxx xxx gods xxxxx come down xx listen to xxxxx petitions xx xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx (Kraef, 2014) xxx high priestesses xxxxxx directly xx xxxxx gods xx the sacred xxxxxx where they xxxxx ascend xxx xxxxxxx to xxx from heaven xxxx to listen xx the xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx However, at xxxx point when xxxxxxxx prayers xxxx xxxxxxxxxx from xxx Chinese land, xxx Okinawan religion xxxx seriously xxx xxxxxx shrines xxxxx would be xxxxxxxx by the xxxx of xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxx the spirits xx their ancestors xxxxxxxxxxxx 2011) xxx xxxxxx altar xxxxx also be xxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxx tablets xxxxxx xxx ihai xxx ihai contained xxx names of xxx names xx xxx dead xxx this would xx placed on xxx top xxxx xx the xxxxxx altar (Kao, xxxxx The religion xxxxxxxxxxx prayer xxxxx xxx regulations xxxxx included the xxxxxxxxxxxxx of prayers xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx on xxxx first and xxx 15th days xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxx 2014) Taoism xxxxxx is the xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxx operating within xxx Chinese xxxxxxxx xxxxxx forms xxxx of the xxxxxxx religion and xx is xxx xx the xxxxx components of xxxx religion sharing xxxxxxx elements xxxx xxxx back xx the prehistoric xxxxxxx of China xxxx as xxxxxx xx Yin xxx Yang as xxxx as the xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxx Zhuangzi xxxxx 2014) Taoism xxx its own xxxxxx scriptures xxxx xxx Laozi xxxxxxxxxx.....
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