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ENG106 Week 1 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 August

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dq 1

In the argument chapter, you learned about expressed arguments (overt arguments attempting to persuade the audience towards a point of view) and implied arguments (arguments that appear on the surface not to be arguments but actually seek to persuade the audience of a point of view or views). For this DQ, provide a specific example from the media of an expressed argument and an implied argument and answer the following questions:

  • What is the expressed argument you identified? What specific argument does the author make? What evidence does the author use to support his or her claims?
  • What is the implied argument you identified? What specific argument does the author make? What evidence does the author use to support his or her claims?
  • Why is it important to understand expressed and implied arguments?
  • How might you use your understanding of expressed and implied arguments when drafting your first essay in this course?

Note: You may use visual arguments such as photos and pictures, but you will still need to explain your rationale for why you believe the author is making a specific argument.

Be sure to cite all sources used to compose your answer. Format your in-text citations and reference list entry according to GCU Style.

dq 2

Please review the following video Writing Process about writing introductory paragraphs and thesis statements, with particular focus on Section One: Organizing the College Essay. Note: This link works best in the Google Chrome browser.

For the first essay, you will be writing a definition essay about a term related to organ sales or donations. Please share your current thesis statement for your definition essay. Here is a sample thesis statement for the definition essay:

Organ sales in the United States would be unethical because they exploit the poor, favor the rich, and create an unfair or black market organ lottery.

During the week, respond to your classmates with constructive feedback about their thesis statements. You may consider revising your own thesis statement after receiving feedback from your peers.

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ENG106 Week 1 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 August

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Preview: NBA xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx that you xxxx a very xxxx way xx xxxxxxxxxx an xxxxxxxxx argument, but x believe that xxx could xx xxx more xxxxxxxxxxx on implied xxxxxxxxx and how xxxx of xxxx xxxx important xxxxxxxxx BartonReply | xxxxx & Reply xxx 27, xxxx xxxxx PM0 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Post Profile xxxxxxxxxxxxx Preston 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx armed forces xx a huge xxxxx now xxx xx i xxx as if xx doesn't make x difference xx xxxxx had xxxxxx with people xxxxxxxxxx their sexual xxxxxxxx until xxxxxx xxxxx and xxx whole bathroom xxxxxx thing But xxx its x xxxx issue xxxxx with Gay xxxxxx Humans are xxxxxx regardless xx xxxxxx orientation, xxxx color, etc xx the other xxxxx you xxxxxxx xxxxxx media xx huge now x days There xxx new xxxx xxxxxxxx being xxxxxx and talked xxxxxx and even xxxxxxx Social xxxxx xx beneficial xxx talking to xxxxxx when in xxxx or xxxx xxxxxxxxxx with xxx friends and xxxxxx But social xxxxx has xxx xxxx negatives xxxx positives It xxx ruined peoples xxxxxx by xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx suicide, xxxxxxxxx and even xxxxxx relationships Reply x Quote xxxxx xxxxx Jul xxx 2017 06:00 xxx LikeSubstantive Post xxxxxxx PictureAlexis xxxxxxx x postsRe:Re:Topic x DQ 1You xxx right as xxx as xxx xxxxxxxxx argument xxx example of xxxxx Trump is xxxx in xxxxx xxxxx Especially xxxxxxxxxxx who are xxxxxxxx the most xx Trumps xxx xxxx and xxx taking over xxxx as transgenders, xxx rights, xxxx xxx health xxxxx Most of xxx people who xxxxx vote xxx xxx are xxxx easily persuaded xx not like xxxx where xx xxxx of xxx people who xxx vote for xxx are xxxxxxxx xx realize xxxx made a xxxxx decisiion But xx far xxx xxx implied xxxxxxxx you presented, xx does seem xxxx they xxx xxxxxxxx they xxxx the best xxxxxxx jeans But xxx problem xxxx xxxxx jeans xxxx i find xxxxxx is they xxxx have xxxxxxxxx xxxx and xxx actually make xxx feel like xxx are xxx xxx for xxxxx pants Reply x Quote & xxxxx Jul xxx xxxx 05:56 xxx LikeSubstantive Post xxxxxxx PictureAlyssa Clark x postsRe:Re:Topic x xx 1Trying xx find examples xx the correct xxxxxxxxx was x xxx challenge x think you xxxxx good examples xx discuss xxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxx example Their xxxxxx and their xxxxxxxxxxxxxx let xxxxxxxxx xxxx their xxxxx provide a xxxxxxxx level of xxxxxxx So, xxxx x person xxxxx out their xxxxx they expect xxxx to xxxx xx to xxx reputation I xxxxx ultimately when x person xx xxxxxxxxx by x product they xxxx a high xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxx xxxxxxx Reply x Quote & xxxxx Jul 27, xxxx 05:55 xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Post xxxxxxx PictureAlexis Preston x postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 1 xx 1Exactly x xxxx enjoy xxx doritos commercial xxx actually never xxxx realized xxxxx xxx controversy xxxx the commercial xx does however xxxx sense xxxxxx xx how xxxx were targetting xxx only expecting xxxxxxx but xxxx xxxxxx children xx a way x do however, xxxxx with xxx xxxx targetting xxxxxxx people based xx their age xx gender xx xxxx ethnic xxxxx is a xxxx way to xxxx people x.....
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