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Everyone has a unique">perspective from which they view the world. A number of factors, including life experiences, education, significant relationships, occupations, and religious and political affiliations help shape an individual’s perspective.

Think about your everyday interactions with other people. Some interactions can look very different, depending on the points of view of the different participants. Your perception of an event or interaction depends on your unique perspective, which has been influenced in many ways over the course of your life.


In order to illustrate this idea, consider the following">scenario:

On your way to school, you see a student who has been pulled over by a police officer. You perceive the student’s frustration as the officer writes out a traffic ticket.

Student Being Ticketed

Officer Writing the Ticket

Parent of Student Being Ticketed, Who Happens to Be Driving By

Favorite Teacher, Driving By

Best Friend of Student Being Ticketed

    • Structure your monologue with a clear and coherent sequenc of events.Select one of the perspectives listed in the graphic organizer, and compose a monologue from that perspective in which you recount the incident to one of the other observers. Be sure to:

    • Structure your monologue with a clear and coherent sequence of events.

    • Incorporate tone and diction appropriate to the speaker you have chosen.

    • Include details that the speaker would notice or care about and not those that would not be known or significant to the speaker.

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