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ECONOMICS 2071 - An economic model is

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 07/31/2017
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  • An economic model isa. a mechanical machine that replicates the functioning of the economy.
  • b. a fully detailed, realistic description of the economy.
  • c. a simplified representation of some aspect of the economy.
  • d. a computer program that predicts the future of the economy.

  • 2. The circular-flow diagram illustrates that, in markets for the factors of production,a. households are sellers, and firms are buyers.
  • b. households are buyers, and firms are sellers.
  • c. households and firms are both buyers.
  • d. households and firms are both sellers.

  • 3. A point inside the production possibilities frontier isa. efficient, but not feasible.
  • b. feasible, but not efficient.
  • c. both efficient and feasible.
  • d. neither efficient nor feasible.

  • 4. An economy produces hot dogs and hamburgers. If a discovery of the remarkable health benefits of hot dogs were to change consumers' preferences, it woulda. expand the production possibilities frontier.
  • b. contract the production possibilities frontier.
  • c. move the economy along the production possibilities frontier.
  • d. move the economy inside the production possibilities frontier.

  • 5. All of the following topics fall within the study of microeconomics EXCEPTa. the impact of cigarette taxes on the smoking behavior of teenagers.
  • b. the role of Microsoft's market power in the pricing of software.
  • c. the effectiveness of antipoverty programs in reducing homelessness.
  • d. the influence of the government budget deficit on economic growth.

  • 6. Which of the following is a positive, rather than a normative, statement?a. Law X will reduce national income.
  • b. Law X is a good piece of legislation.
  • c. Congress ought to pass law X.
  • d. The president should veto law X.

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ECONOMICS 2071 - An economic model is

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