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Biology II (2nd semester)

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Subject: Biology
Due on: 07/18/2017
Posted On: 07/18/2017 04:56 AM

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Summarize article in 1large paragraph. Then just extrapolate using BiologyII (2nd semester)- Evolution section related concepts in particular only.

Around 2 page writing assignment relating an article found from a current popular media source (newspaper, magazine article, online editorials that were written within the last couple of years) to a topic we covered in lecture. In addition to reading and summarizing the article (1 paragraph max), you will be expected to compare and contrast the article to topics/themes discussed in lecture.

1. Summary paragraph: (5 pts) (MAX 1 PARAGRAPH Summarizing)

a. Provide a link to the original article (1 pt)

b. Summarize the original article clearly: What is the news article about? What were the scientists studying, their methods and their findings? (4 pts)

2. Expansion paragraphs: (15 pts)

a. How is it related to one or more of lecture topics? (5 pts)

b. Comment / critique the study and article (5 pts)

c. Creativity / readability (5 pts)

3. Some suggestions for the expansion paragraphs:

a. What are the scientists' next step / future direction?

b. Based on your understanding of the topic, what questions do you have for the scientists?

c. Does writing about this topic help you understand the topic better?

Tags semester biology topic does paragraphs expansion writing suggestions understand help better readability article original link related lecture creativity topics provide

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Biology II (2nd semester)

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