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ECON220-F3WW-S17 Project Part 4. Monetary Policy

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Subject: Economics
Due on: 07/13/2017
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Introduction to Macroeconmics | ECON220-F3WW-S17
Project Part 4. Monetary Policy
Start Date:
Mon, Jul 10
Due Date:
Sun, Jul 23
Points available: 60
Not yet graded.
Assignment 4-1: Project Part 3. Fiscal Policy
60 points
To assess your ability to:
recognize fiscal policy as an important tool of government intervention in a market economy.
comment on the role of government regulation on economic activity.
analyze how interest rates affect the market economy.
evaluate the effects of interest rates on the investment and output in an economy.
In this part of the project you will explore the role of the government and inter-governmental organizations in
developing, maintaining and growing a nation's economy. Recent global economic crisis renewed the debate
on the role of the government in a market economy. Macroeconomics as a science was born out of the Great
Depression in the 1930s. Prolonged periods of unemployment, below capacity production, deflation (decrease
in prices) are inconsistent with the classical economic theory. Looking at a government role in regulating and
coordinating an economic activity should be the main point of discussion for this part of your project.will
explore your assigned country's efforts directed towards a sustainable economic growth. It is widely believed
that technological development is crucial in achieving and maintaining economic prosperity. However, in the
recent years, the environmental impact of economic activity has become an important issue both in theory and
in practice. No late assignments.
This assignment will become the fourth part of your project. Your professor will grade, comment, and return
your paper to you. You should review and revise your paper to prepare it as a part of your final report.
Action Items
1. Prepare a two to three page report titled "Fiscal Policy and Its Implications in [Your Assigned
Country]." The report should be based on the publicly available information that you obtained. You
may want to use materials published by the European Commission.
2. Compose your report in Microsoft Word following APA guidelines. Please include your name, the
assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. The
report should contain all sources you utilized in its preparation, properly cited according to the APA
3. You need to include the following sections in your report:
a. An overview of the fiscal policy tools
b. Fiscal policy tools' applications
c. Government statistics on the budget balance and EU requirements for member countries
d. EU budget and sources of financing and outlets for the funds' use.
e. Present and discuss the major differences between the U.S. fiscal policy and that of the E.U.
f. Conclusion - fiscal policy as economic stabilization mechanism.
4. For next week's part of the project, you will work on the issues related to the monetary policy.
5. Confirm with your professor for the schedule of online class meeting in Week 6, when you will present
your final project.
Submission Instructions
Submit your paper to at least 48 hours before the due date. Respond to any feedback
you received from this system.
Click the Submit button to upload your completed assignment by Sunday of this week.
Grading Criteria
Content: All of the required elements are included in the assignment; main ideas are addressed;
page 1 of 2 - 07/10/2017
content is correct, accurate, and of high quality: 0 - 20 points.
Analysis Analysis of the information is evident: 0 - 20 points.
Effective communication:Communication is clear, concise, and well presented; critical thought is
evident; recommendations and conclusions refer to and rely on the analysis of the data: 0 - 20 points.
APA Format: Follow APA guidelines when you cite your sources. Up to five points will be deducted for
NOT using the correct APA format.
Time Estimation
Estimated time for completion: 3.0 hour(s)
page 2 of 2 - 07/10/2017

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ECON220-F3WW-S17 Project Part 4. Monetary Policy

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