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Statement of Leadership Principles

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Due on: 07/08/2017
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1) Write one page” Statement of Leadership Principles.” This statement is your own personal
expression of the aims and convictions that will guide you as an aspiring leader.
The statement may take whatever for you choose, but it must be no more than one-page long,
and it should outline what kind of reputation for leadership you hope to create and what habits
and sensibilities you aim to cultivate in order to realize this goal. One page single space Leadership qualities; charisma, vision, courage, leader not boss, emotional intelligence, Authenticity.
A leader is a person that make your dreams happens, and achieve what you can’t do. 2) Explain how you decided on the content of your “statement” which personal aims and/or
convictions did you have the most difficult deciding upon? Why? What kind of leadership style
do the habits and sensibilities you have chosen embody? Finally, how has the content of your
statement been canged or shaped by this course? These answers should be written with
reference to some topics and reading we have covered in class. 5 pages double space The reading to refer to I can attach them , if you don’t have access to them Adam Smith, Selections from The Theory of Moral Sentiments,
50-66 (Skip long footnote on 58-59), 114, 247-255
(Course Pack) Daniel Defoe, The Complete English Tradesman, Chapter V. Of
Diligence and Application in Business and Chapter
XVII. Of the Peculiar Value of Credit, and a Good
Name Among Tradesmen (107-113) Karl Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844,
‘The Power of Money in Bourgeois Society’ 135-140
(Course Pack)
Max Weber, Excerpt from ‘Politics as a Vocation’ (Handed out in
Max Weber, ‘The Nature of Charismatic Authority and its
Routinization’ (48-54) in Max Weber on Charisma and
Institution Building (Course Pack)

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Statement of Leadership Principles

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