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1. Several years ago, HomeNet purchased a warehouse for $2,000,000 that is currently sitting empty. HomeNet estimates that the warehouse could be sold today for $1,500,000. Alternatively, HomeNet is considering building a new manufacturing facility next to the warehouse and would use the warehouse to store product until it is shipped. HomeNet’s marginal tax rate is 35%. How should HomeNet factor the empty warehouse into its decision of whether or not to build the manufacturing facility?

a. The decision to build the manufacturing facility is independent of the decision of what to do with the warehouse. As a result, the warehouse has no impact on the decision about whether to build the manufacturing facility.

b. – 1,500,000

c. +1,500,000

d. –(1,500,000 – (1,500,000 – 2,000,000)(.35))

e. +(1,500,000 – (1,500,000 – 2,000,000)(.35))

f. – 1,500,000(1-.35)

g. +1,500,000(1-.35)

2. Pisa Pizza, a seller of frozen pizza, is considering introducing a healthier version of its pizza that will be low in cholesterol and contain no trans fats. The firm expects that sales of the new pizza will be $50 million per year. While many of these new sales will be to new customers, Pisa Pizza estimates that 30% will come from customers who switch to the new, healthier pizza instead of buying the original version. Suppose that 60% of the customers who will switch from Pisa Pizza’s original pizza to its healthier pizza will switch to another brand if Pisa Pizza does not introduce a healthier pizza. What level of incremental sales is associated with introducing the new pizza in this case?

a. 50(1-tc)

b. 50 – 50(.3)

c. 50(.3)(1-.6)

d. 50 – 50(.3)(1-.6)

e. 50 – 50(1-.6)

f. 50

3. Your firm would like to evaluate a proposed new operating division. You have forecasted cash flows for this division for the next four years and have estimated that the cost of capital is 11%. You would like to estimate a continuation value. You have made the following forecasts for the last year of your four-year forecasting horizon (in millions of dollars). You have forecast that revenues, operating income, net income, and future free cash flows after year 4 will grow at 3% per year, forever. Estimate the continuation value (in millions of dollars) in year 4.

Year 4

Revenues 2400

Operating income 200

Net income 100

Free cash flow 220

Book value of equity 800

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